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Diagnosed Cervical erosion without a smear/pap test?
I got the contraceptive implant nexplanon in November 2011 and I've been bleeding on and off since. In March, when I had finished bleeding for a week I had sex with my boyfriend, and noticed that I started bleeding again straight after, and it was a bright red, almost like blood you get from a nosebleed or cut, so I counted this as 'bleeding after sex' and went to my family planning clinic.

The nurse there told me to go to my sexual health clinic which I did, and I was tested for all these STDs which came back negative. As I thought I had post-coital bleeding, the doctor used a speculum on me and then saw something that made her get the senior doctor for a second opinion.

The senior doctor said I had Cervical erosion, and said that it was very common among girls my age (I'm 23) who are using contraception. As I am too young for a smear test (think the age is 25 in the UK) the senior doctor told me I should go to the GP if it happens again and get a smear test. Well, at the beginning of this month I started bleeding again, which I think was a period, three weeks later I have spotting, and I had sex with my boyfriend on tuesday and had that new bright red blood again which makes me think I have post-coital bleeding again.

What worries me is how casual the doctors are about my post-coital bleeding and the fact that I am too young for a smear test. I guess my main question is, can you diagnose someone with Cervical erosion without carrying out a smear test? All the advice I read about this condition seem to refer to swabs and screening, should I demand a test? I really feel that if I go to my GP he will fob me off with me being too young to have a test, I was just asking so I could be armed with some information to argue my case for one.
Thanks for reading.
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