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Discharge + Strep
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Discharge + Strep

Is it weird to have strep like symptoms 1-2 days after sex and have it accompanied by strong smelling vaginal discharge that was white (not clear) and is now turning from brown to bright pink? Also accompanied by vaginal discomfort but no swelling or rash

Now, it could just be a huge coincidence from a number of things:
A) My family is having a bout of strep throat
B) Period should be starting any day
C) Sex was pretty rough

But I'm getting a bit worried. The day that we had sex was the schedualed starting day of my period. It was fairly rough and it got really painful at the end. The next day, I hurt and towards the end of the day my throat was feeling a bit sore. I woke the morning after that to find myself with swollen and sore throat, headache, joint paint, mild fever, and dizzyness upon standing. Plus, when I went to the bathroom I noticed an unusually strong odor. What was really odd was that I wiped three times, the first time I got clear discharge, the second I got a bit of clumpy snotty discharge, and third it was clear again. And now today my strep like symptoms are a bit less though the headache is still pounding away and the discharge has changed from brown to pink and still swapping from clumpy to liquidy
I've never heard of anything like this and still can't find anything after several hours of online searching. Like I said before, it could just be a huge coincidence but the smell is nagging at me that something isn't right

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Hi, I found this information that might be helpful to youL

"The normal vagina contains between five and 15 different types of bacteria, including group B strep. Usually, the complex interplay among vaginal bacteria and their byproducts, estrogen and vaginal pH levels prevents any one form of bacteria from getting out of hand and causing unpleasant symptoms. It is important to remember, however, that not all discharge is infection and therefore bad -- a clear discharge without odor, that does not produce itching and burning, is most likely normal and does not need to be treated.

If your having symptoms of infection; if yeast, chlamydia, gonorrhea, bacterial vaginosis are ruled out; and if the only thing found is an overabundance of strep B, then and only then should she get antibiotics to eradicate the strep. Penicillin and its derivatives are the usual choice. In order to prevent recolonization and infection, it is important to help preserve the normal vaginal ecosystem by avoiding douching, taking acidophilus supplements and reducing refined sugars in the diet. If she is postmenopausal, estrogen replacement should be considered. If she is on birth control pills, she may want to stop these as they can affect the vaginal environment. Sometimes a copious normal discharge can lead to irritation just from chronic moistness; in this case, freezing (cryosurgery) or lasering the cervix may decrease secretions and provide relief."

I recommend that you refrain from any sexual activity until you contact your physicial or gyne to discuss your issues, concerns and symptoms. Only a medical profession can evaluate, diagnose and treat your symptoms. I'm sure the proper antibiotic or penicillin will help with any infection that you might have. Good Luck, Judy

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