Having trouble finding "the hole"
by bryan86, Jun 18, 2009
Im 22 years old and been with my G/F for over 20 months and still have trouble finding her vaginia hole. Most of the time she would end up sticking it in for me and then we would go from there but lately she has been getting upset about me not being able to put in it by myself. Are there any techniques or something that I could use to help me with my problem? Throughout my years of engaging in sex I've been able to dodge the problem by asking my female partner to be on top, but now i plan to spend the rest of my life with this girl and I want to fix my problem.
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by Rehality, Jun 19, 2009
Practice makes perfect? Maybe ask her to be patient and let you figure it out on your own. I think after you do it on your own a few times you'll get the hang of it. If you've always been dodging doing it yourself then no wonder you never learned. First time for my boyfriend and myself, it took a good 15 minutes for him to figure out where the hole was and how to get it in. He still had a little trouble for a while but now he can pretty much do it with no hands and no help from me.
by heatherlynn22, Jun 19, 2009
what do you mean you can't find it? the vagina isn't really hard to find. look between her legs and bam there should be a vagina there. if may want to have a discussion with her...

but in all seriousness if you have to use your hand to guide the way. eventually you'll be able to just do it without a "helping hand".
by vmvnpv, Jun 19, 2009
Do you ever finger her during foreplay?  If not, start there.  Feel around and get to know her body down there.  Have her help guide your finger too if you still can't find it.  Use the excuse that you want her to who you she likes during foreplay.  After a few times you should learn where her vagina is.  Then when you guys are ready to have intercourse guide your penis to where your finger was.
by kari88, Jun 22, 2009