How to stop itching after shaving pubic hair?
by clbkj, Nov 28, 2011
A couple days after I shave my vagina it gets itchy. I know its because the hair is growing back. But how do I make it stop itching?
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by Toristate11, Nov 29, 2011
There is a thing at Walmart you can buy  its called bikini zone shave gel it helps with itching and ingrown hair bumps.

Good Luck
by clbkj, Nov 29, 2011
I use that now. But it still itches and I still get razor bumps. Any other suggestions?
by KellieSmith, Nov 29, 2011
You should put on aloe vera after you shave to help with the razor bumps and ingrown nails. I am assuming that it will help with the itching although I never had the itch problem after shaving.