by grust, Aug 27, 2009
Can hymen break during the period? For the first months of my periods I had big clots of blood like a small finger and I was worried that it will break my hymen. Is that true or not? Does everyone has that or it just me? I have my period for 5 years and my vagina looks different even I have not had intercourse I am afraid that I am not a virgin anymore
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by RJL562, Aug 27, 2009
The hymen can only break during your period if you use a tampon. I doubt the blood clots broke your hymen. I have read in a magazine that blood clots dime size or smaller are normal. If they are quarter size or larger, see a doctor. You're hymen isn't just gonna break by little stuff like that. It usually breaks during events such as bike riding, gymnastics, or putting in a tampon. When it breaks you'll be able to tell because a little bit of blood will come with it and it will be sore for a little bit. Even if your hymen breaks, you are still considered a virgin. You are a virgin until the first time you have sexual intercourse.
by grust, Nov 15, 2009
Thank u for helping me but i have one more question if u can answer: even if i broke my hymen accidentally without putting anything in my vagina can my boyfriend tell at the first time during the sex. intercourse that im virgin or he would think im not?