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Irritation of the opening of the Urethra (Meatus)
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Irritation of the opening of the Urethra (Meatus)


I am a circumcised male. I have been having an issue for a while now that has caused me frustration and discomfort.  It started out thinking that I was just a problem with the underwear that I was wearing. I still think that is a factor to the issue. Anyways with the underwear issue, I would just be wearing underwear as normal and as I would move about during the day the tip or one side of the urethra opening, I think would catch or rub up against a seam in the underwear.  This would cause immediate discomfort because once that happens the inside of the urethra is then partially exposed. This then cause it to get irritated and once it got more irritated it seemed to possibly swell a little bit and that caused it to cause more frequently.

The more recent issue is more of a continuation to the previous. For about 2 years now I have have had discomfort with the same area (the urethra opening). The issue really only arises now after I have masturbated. If I don't masturbate I don't have issues partly because I have changed the type of underwear that I use now with no seams around where the penis head would come into contact with. So after I have masturbated and ejaculated, I then pee/urinate. I usually drink some liquids right before so that I have to pee after I have ejaculated. Other then that I recently realized that I don't drink enough water in a day like I should.  After urinating I usually take a shower but sometimes I don't. Then this is the point when the tip of the meatus (urethra opening) seems to be a bit irritated because when I put on underwear after if my penis rubs up against it during regular movement i.e. walking, raising and lowering legs, really anything that shifts or moves the head of my penis around. On good days if I have masturbated during the day and am standing or siding (straight up) the irritation slowly starts to subside.

If I masturbate at night right before sleep. The inside of the opening of the urethra gets irritated as usual. I then pee like before after ejaculation. Then when I put underwear on and go to sleep that is when the issues occur.  I sleep on my side so then my penis follows in suit by hanging to what ever side I am sleeping on. I notice more discomfort with the issue while sleeping then during the daytime. And it doesn't seem to "heal" itself during the night vs during the day.  

Visually what I notice at the head of my penis after mastubation:

- The slit is red colored
- Both sides of the slit (the opening of the urethra) look irritated and are often sensitive to touch. This is when the slit is closed "like normal"
- When I gently pull on either side of the head to open the slit on the right side of the urethra opening it is red, which I then proceed to assume its irritated. I have noticed that it only seems to get really irritated on the inside on the right side only.  

And when the head interacts with my underwear, after an interaction has occurred and I look at my penis. Sometimes one of the sides of the urethra opening (one if the sides of the slit) is protruding out or is higher then the other side exposing the sensitive inside of the urethra. When this happens it is really uncomfortable.

Any ideas as to what the issue is, what is causing this, prevention ideas from what I have explained so far?

I haven't talked to a doctor about it not because I am embarrassed to talk about sexual health (I am not embarrassed) but more so because I am not sure if a general doctor is the right kind for this sort of situation. If you think they are capable of dealing with this issue I will be sure to ask them. Urologist? I would prefer a general doctor because I don't think I am at the sexual activity level of needing a Urologist yet.

Past Sexual Activity:
I have two experiences in which I have received oral sex (no condom) from two different guys. That's all.

It doesn't hurt to urinate and I don't notice any discharge. Only fluids are urine, pre-***, and semen.

I am eager to await a Doctors response.

Other questions:

Do you think that the lack of liquids that I consume in a day are a possible cause? Like because the less water consumed the more yellow the urine? More abrasive?

Thank you
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Hi Runner, first we should all drink plenty of water during the day or any other fluids, we should be drinking or through or foods around 16 pints a day,
Now I think you best bet would be an STD clinic, I'm not saying that you have an STD, but the staff there are exspearianced in these kind of problems, bet they can put a finger on it as to what your problem is.
Good Luck
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