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Possible Pregnancy

Dear Doctor,

Im 14 years old and I had sex with my ex-boyfriend around 7 hours ago. We've been sexually active during our relationship but we've never gone all the way. Just the usual fingering and other sexual activities. We had parted a month ago and one day came into lust and for no sudden reason had intercourse. It was my first time (It was his first time too). Of course it was safe, but during, the condomn broke and thats when we stopped He asked if he could see what it felt like without the condomn, and of course, me being stupid and in lust i aprooved. We then did it for nearly thirty seconds, and after it turned into anal sex. And that went on for a greatly amount of time. Im wondering, if there could be any possible chance i could be pregnant? Can anal sex get you pregnant? I dont plan on telling my parents for an amount of time or until it becomes noticable, (Im guessing that'll be pretty soon, though, because im very slender and athletic the type that always runs around, and im guessing it'll most likely be obvious (if i am pregnant) I dont plan on having a relationship with my ex-boyfriend again if i do become pregnant, but if he wants to be there for the baby, then i would probably let him, but I dont want to have a child, well at leat not now. Right now is too soon. Im barely going to graduate middle-school and so will he. But if i am pregnant, i am for certain i will keep the baby, not even questioning abortion or adoption.

(P.S. My parents were both teens when they had me (there first born). Is me being sexually active like this because of how they were my age)

Please respond soon doctor!!!

-Possibly Pregnant
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This is not the expert forums to which the doctors will read.  If you want to post there you will have to pay.  Given your age I doubt you will be able to do that.  

Your agre you are far to young in my opioion to be sexually active.  To answer your question if this is because your parents had you at a young age I would disagree.  In psychology we would call this a debate between nature and nuture.  Chances are this is your age and your enviroment.  I have known many 14 year olds that do not want to have sex at such a young age because of the fear of kids but also because well this is something you do when you can commit to a relationship and can be responsible enough.  For this reason you shouldn't consider having sex again until you can afford to take care of the child.  

Could you be pregnant?  Yes... This is because any amount of sperm that could have been on him or any that he would have released inside of your vagina.  Remember that even pre-sperm will and can cause you to get pregnant.  

You can't get pregnant from anal sex unless the sperm manages to exit the anus and then find its way into your vagina.  This is very rare if at all.  But remember the best plan is to ALWAYS use a condom if you are going to have sex.  Regardless of what he asks.  If you don't want a baby then don't put yourself at risk.

Your profile states you are in Texas.  Let me inform you that Texas laws regarding consent to have sex is 17.  You CAN NOT give permission for anyone to have sex with you until you are 17 and then you can only given consent to a person who is 17 years old or older.  This means that if your parents were to find out you were pregnant they can choose to press charges against your ex-boyfriend for his statutory rape of you and his parents can do the same to you.

You need to be on the look out for missing your period is common.  The minute you have your period you will know your chances of being pregnant are next to 0. If you miss your period and it has been a few days consider going to planned parenthood or a teen pregnancy center in your city which if your profile is accurate you can find a lot around you.  They can do a pregancy test pretty cheaply if not free.

Please learn this now and practice safe sex.  Remember sex will last a few minutes but some STD's will last a lifetime.
I agree 100% with what mistakeguy has posted. Wow...slow down young lady and don't you rush to grow old too fast and you are both underage and your now ex can go to jail for this. If you are practicing unsafe sex and you did, because the condom broke, the posibility of pregnancy is very high. Before thinking way out there on what your future with a baby is going to be like, you first need to confirm if you are pregnant. You need to somehow or with someone in confidentiallity purchase a pregnancy test, READ the instructions very carefully so that you know how to use it and use it properly. 14 and experienced anal sex, which means your b/f knows more that what you think he does and you can not get pregnant with anul sex, BUT can catch an STD.

I hope this serves as a lesson on how you can destroy  your youth if you are pregnant. At 14 your body is not ready for a pregnancy and you can have terrible complications and possibly unable to carry a baby full term, so a moment of "lust" can have life long negative consequences.

Please keep focus on making the grades and making someing of yourself and everything will fall into place at the right time and always practice safe sex, because men will come and go, but a baby is for a life time.!  Judy
If you just had sex last night, you need to go to your MOM, doctor, school counselor or local Planned Parenthood Clinic and get the morning after birth control.  Run and don't walk.  At 14 years of age, you should not be playing like this with your life. A baby is a LARGE responsibility. It is expensive and lots of work. imagine getting up three time per night to change the diaper and feed him for about one year.  No more school dances.  You are still a baby yourself and you are not taking care of yourself.  Run and don't walk.  You need to take care of your future because if you do not, nobody else does (except your mom maybe).  Good luck and God blass you.
get to a clinic or doctor and get plan b. you're going to have to tell your parents. you won't be able to pick up the prescription yourself if you don't have money and if you use health insurance it will show up when they get their statement. this has to be done BEFORE 72 hours after the sexual encounter. you have to tell your parents you're sexually active so they can get you to a doctor if you're not pregnant, to get you on b/c and ALWAYS use condoms. no matter what they guy says use condoms.

and no just b/c your parents had sex early doesn't mean you should. having sex is not genetic. being a teen mom is not "cool". being a mom at any age is NOT easy. i'm almost 25 and mom to 18 month old twins and trust's HARD. not to mention EXTREMELY expensive. on average / month we spend well over $1000 on the kids. just to get their nursery and play room done it cost us over $6000. do you plan on working? what will you do about child care? do you plan on taking the father to court for support? if he's a minor the monetary obligations will fall on his parents until he is 18. it would be wise to take him for child support. you will need all the money help you can get. did you know for a middle class family to raise one child for 18 years cost over $300,000.

tell you're parents. you're going to need them.
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