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Tension and worry about the mistake i did
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Tension and worry about the mistake i did

Hi Dr,
I really appreciate your kindess and service for removing tension n worries of ppl like me .. plz read my concern if possible

Once  i visted w Africa.. i had to visit bar with one of my business partner. i drank and did sin in my life. I had a  sex with nigerian girl in 2009 May(Used Condum).i dont know her hiv staus..She gave me oral with condum on penis.. after some i touched my penis with condum - then i removed condum and touched in penis again and put new condum. i sucked her nips once and did fingering for 45 seconds.. I cant remember about open wounds in my lips/fingers.. i was on top of her for  few mnts and had kiss too..finaly i ejacuated - at that time my penis was inside her vagina with condum.i took my penis out didnt see any condum break. then i washed my penis because i am an uncicumised male and  after 2 days i had a fever and pain in groin... aftr that i had loose motion (kinda watery) for 3-4 days but  did nt notice the skin rash ..cant remember ..after 3-4 months i had throat pain and sudden redness in eyes - went to eye specilaist checked my pressure and boold test... on jan 2010( 8 months after sexual encounter). Had numbness in left hand (only on small finger and ring finger) for few days i checked my HIV status in a private clinic in dubai .. for HIV , Hep B and c .. and they said all negative  got results in few hours .. just written form like HIv  negative, Hep B &C negative,- i dont know which test they conducted..... after that also .. my mind worried about HIV.. then after june 2010( 1 year after  sexual exposure) i checked my hiv status .. this time i asked which test they will conduct .. They said its CARD TEST 1 & 2 .. they said the status is non-reactive .they said it sounds to be negative .... then they said  for some people  it will be non reactive for few periods and will be reactive so I asked how I can confirm they said WB is the confirmatory Test

Now I do  have some discolour in my tongue and  in  mornign i can see some white cream/cheese stuff in my mouth and especialy in upper lips . getting some skin peels off..Aprt from that  I got few floaters on my eyes. No pain nothing …I got itching on groin n scrotum so I washed it off with Dettol – but I made mistke – user more dettol than water – so some skin got burned and used BETNOVATE –N (BETAMETHASONE VALERATE AND NEOMYCIN SKIN CREAM)  few balck dots on my groin and innder thighs … when I checkd my armpit I cant see lymphnode ..but am kinda fat man .. gotta FAT/big bumps on both armpit...whn I googled all thses – all showing /directing towards HIV.. once I met with an ENT Dr.. so he checked my mouth .. becoz I said I do have skin peeling inside mouth .. and showed white line inside cheek- he prescribed one tablet – said its vitamin tablet.. iam loosing some hair from my head and  my face...

Do I have  any infection like HIV/CMV/ANY STD … I was running with worry n tension for that last few months.

Plz  answer me I already asked2 times b4 .but u did nt answer…....
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The white cheese stuff in your mouth sounds like thrush - a fungal infection.  I would assume that the tablet the doctor gave you was fluconazole (ie Diflucan) which is an antifungal, not a vitamin tablet.

Your initial symptoms could've been an infection of some sorts and nothing to do with your sexual encounter.  It sounds as though you had safe sex during that time.  If you had no other sex between that and when you had your first HIV test 8 months later and it was negative you are probably in the clear.  It can take 3-6 months for an infection to show up and 8 months is out of that time frame.

You may have picked up some sort of weird infection from your time in Africa and you may need to see an infections or tropical diseases expert.  It may be something like schistosomiasis that's caused by a fluke worm and often found in freshwater snails.  You may simply have drunk infected water that your ice cubes could've been made from.
Ty for your comment

Its a vitamin tablet.. dr also said that ...That was on sexual encounter i did ....i really feel guilty on that.... i used safe sex mean - i used condum.. becoz the condum has given by the lady .. i dont know which type of condum is that.. ... and i fear about opn kissing we had and fingering i did .. if there is any cut on either my lips or finger .. should i have HIV infection ... and about the test - in First Test Dr said  all negative .. but i am not sure which test they conducted... but i got result with in 3 hrs. did they hide anyything from me .. becoz i did that in dubai.. i think u know the LAW details about UAE .. and in second test i did in a Lab.. she said its non recative . they did  CARD TEST 1 & 2  ..  Now i did spit test .. for thursh.. in the morning .. i think u know wht spit test is .. i got this from internet.. got some stuff in bottom of glass... so this thrush make me worry about - hiv infection . becoz i googled and thrush shows towrds HIv infection......... and got few eye floater  tooo.....  

Thrush is the initial symptom of HIV ..... when thrush wil lcome up if  could have infected .... ? like with in 1 or 2 month , after 6 month .. after 1 yeear ?

looking forward to ur comments

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