distance to hymen
by sweetaugust, Sep 15, 2009
i had sex with my boyfriend yesterday and i felt his penis entering my vagina ...
i wanna know how much should it get into till i lose my hymen besides i saw a small spot of blood but i can't figure out if i lost my virginity or it is period because am on oral contraceptives (i have polycystic ovaries problem)
please help
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by Jary08, Sep 16, 2009
If your boyfriend put his penis inside you then your hymen will be broken...its located at the entrance of the vagina....some women do bleed when they first have sex because the hymen is tissue so when it breaks there can be a little.
by sweetaugust, Sep 16, 2009
he didn't put it completely just a part
i can't figure out anything
i get embarrassed to go and see a doctor
i really need help
by peaceinknowing, Sep 16, 2009
When your boyfriend entered you, you lost your virginity -- plain and simple. Whether something inside of you "broke" or not, it's all the same. The second his penis went in you, that was you giving up your "vcard"
by Stef110, Sep 17, 2009
I didn't bleed my first time. It left my boyfriend wondering why... it was his first time also. Everyone is different
by emyemz, Sep 20, 2009
i didnt bleed until mayb the 3rd time we had sex, so dnt worry so much about that.. wen his penis entered you, you lost ur virginity its as simple as that. congrats lol!
by scarlet135, Sep 20, 2009
I didn't bleed at all! And I have been doing it for a  long time.. will you call me a virgin?? :P