does hymen break while first intercouse
by minzyyy, Jun 01, 2010
i am an 18 yr old girl, i had sex for the first time with my boyfriend, i was a virgin before that, during our sexual intercourse i coudnt feel anything, and neither did my hymen break, now i have had sex with my boyfriend about 4-5 times but my hymen still didnt break, what is wrong, i really do not understand, please help me?
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by Always_Questioning80, Jun 01, 2010
The hymen doesnt always break, nor do girls always bleed.

I did gymnastics for 9 years and was told, sports like that can cause the hymen to break without knowing. I was told horse riding can also cause that.

I didnt bleed my first time, and its honestly nothing to worry about.
by rsharma, Jun 01, 2010
This is always a worry to Indian women but as Always_ has told, the hymen need not break during a virgin sex. I think Indian men also need to get educated regarding that :)
by kishan74, Jun 01, 2010
      It happens some time.But it is not the problem.Your think that your hymen still did not break after sex. Minz, I think it depends on intercourse style.You did your forplay or intercourse slowly or with may be lublicant.In this case,it is not necceary that it will break up.When we do it very fast then it chance to break.If we use insert and pull out of penis in vegina in unhurridely way hymen can be saved.

Second, It depends on the hymen style also.There are four types of hymens.You have normal i think.I am sending the link plz check all details about the hymen.

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by sweetpea03, Jun 01, 2010
Your hymen did break. You can't feel it when it does break because it's such a thin layer of tissue. Most girls have theirs break even before they lose their virginity by sports or using a tampon. If you have had intercourse, which you say you have a few times, then it is definitely broken. The thin layer of skin(hymen) isn't that far in, so it is broken. A lof of girls won't bleed their first time having sex and bleeding the first time is not some sign to look for to tell if your hymen is broken. It's perfectly normal not to bleed the first time.
by Westguy1003, Jun 01, 2010
At 18 it's entirely possible that it broke at some point during your life before you had intercourse and you either assumed it was your period or didn't even realize it. This can happen while riding a bike, playing sports, taking a fall, etc.. It's not that far in and its not that durable. It can be broken by other means than sex.

But even if that isn't the case and it was still intact when you had intercourse trust me, it's not there anymore. As sweetpea said it's nto that far in so if you've had a penis inside of you then it is in fact broken even if you didn't notice anything happening.

Despite what television, movies, and books will tell you it does NOT always hurt the first time and you do NOT always bleed. Either way is possible. If you didn't have the experience of pain and bleeding then count yourself as one of the lucky ones!
by SeriousSam, Jun 02, 2010
Sometimes it breaks, sometimes it stretches.  Just remember to be careful @ your age with sex.  It means different things to different genders and your culture can be rough sometimes if you make the wrong decisions.
by Pria_Song, Jul 12, 2011
I've already asked this similar kind of question -- I did have sex for the first time and I am 20 years old. It hurt a lot when my boyfriend stuck it in me -- I think he tried to go in deep. We switched positions and after that I was hurting the rest of the day and a couple of days after that. The day after sex I woke to take a shower and found spots on my undies, stuff was leaking out so I think my hymen did break as told :)