excessive vaginal wetness when aroused
by summit32297, Feb 24, 2008
I am in my mid twenties and have had excessive vaginal wetness (aka large puddle on the bed, needing to take a break during intercourse to wipe off)  when I become aroused as long as I can remember. I don't think most people understand how annoying and sexually dissatisfying this is. I am so frustrated every time I ask for help most people just say how lucky I am (definatly don't feel that way). Its very messy, I have a hard time feeling anything during intercourse, and quite frankly not much fun for me or my partner.

I know I have no STD's, or infections. I've tried multiple birth control pills, antihystamines, and "just keeping a towel handy" as my OB offered isn't a viable option. I've done some research and heard of some drying powder, but that seems like an infection waiting to happen. Not to mention the main ingredient is corn starch so that would be like making vaginal gravy, not to sexually appealing either.

Any ideas, I vaguely remember hearing about vaginal laser surgery?
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by FEDCOPPER, Feb 24, 2008
Your problem sounds remotely like my x wife.She too got excesssivly wet,to the tune of a rubbery feel.not fun.she made sure i was atisfied 1st,then she was 2nd.good luck
by Captain_Rit, Feb 24, 2008
personally i say your pretty lucky but that powder i agree is probably an infection waiting to happen and is probably more likely to make bread than a better sex life if its main ingredient is corn startch.    but i would try another type of birth control pill and i did hear a rumor once from a woman who said that changing her diet dried her up (she was a shooter and would only have sex in the bathtub because there was so much).     sorry to say that i cant remember how she changed her diet and i am skeptical as to weather or not it worked but feel free to look it up or expirement but i would recommend having sex in the bathtub.    that way you two get your fun cleanly and can still be sexual and intimate afterwards in the shower.    i know its not the solution your looking for but its an idea best of luck and i will do a bit of reasurch for you and make a post if i find anything.
by jml1986, Feb 25, 2008
While I have no clue what causes it, I know that we all have things in our life that we must over come and this must be yours. I know it bothers you and your partner, but if your partner loves you enough he will be willing to work through it. I prefer to look at these type of things as annoying but not terminall.
by brapip, May 24, 2008
I too am a fellow sufferer from this condition.  I am totally at an end as to what to do and finally am searching the web for info.  Even my gynochologist is stumped!  I get very wet during intercourse and it is very frustrating.  My partner cannot climax and I feel like a damp squid!

I have had my Cervix quarterized twice to see if it helps and I have had an operation to tighten my back vaginal wall (after giving birth to two children - I don't remember having this problem before children).  This helped a bit with feeling my partner but not with the wetness.

People say I'm lucky and that most women 'dry up' which is worse.  That my man should be grateful he turns me on.  But I don't feel that at all, just a failure.

So I do really sympathize.  If you do find out the answer, please, please let me know.
by iamtheone39, May 24, 2008
I have noticed older women seem to have this problem as opposed to the younger ones,so I was surprised to see you young age. You wouldnt think so but as women get older they also tend to form these puddles in the bed. Just make sure you put a mattress cover on the bed and enjoy the lubrication while you still have it friend.
by john911, May 31, 2008
sorry about your problems but i can honestly say to me it sounds like fun
by sat5884, Sep 07, 2008
I too have this problem and am very frustrated. Sex is no fun for me or my partner.  Ihave tried the powder, and it was just a mess. We have just about given up on sex altogether. I am so frustrated and feel very sorry for my husband. If anyone has any answers for this problem, I would really be grateful for the remedy.
by teacherpam, Sep 11, 2008
Have you tried Sudafed or the equivalent? It is known to "dry up" not just the sinuses but the whole body. As a fellow "wet one", my first husband hated it but my second one is thrilled. The whole multiorgasm-excessive wetness things seem to go hand in hand. I hope this helps.
by jemi206, Sep 24, 2008
I am in my early 20's and have just encountered this problem myself. i have never had an issue until recently. i have been to the Dr.s and have no STDs nor infections. It is NOT a blessing to be too wet during intercourse, if i were too dry i could simply use some lubrication! There is no easy fix for being wet and it makes climaxing during intercourse impossible for my partner. I read that having a drink or two, or taking antihistamines before intercourse could help but what women wants to be doped up on cold medicine and alcohol every time they wanna have sex?! Are there really no other solutions??