how can i STOP masterbating???
by dancom, Aug 07, 2008
i am really really sick and tried from my sexual habits.
i  started materbating when i was 14 now i am 15 years old
i really want to quit masterbating because its freaky and i am not capable for doing like i am just 15 years old so its so early for me.
every day i promise to self that i will not do masterbating today but when i m think of girl i just start masterbating..
can you help and can you telll me some good ways to stop masterbating
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by treazzure007, Aug 09, 2008
just keep your hands out of your pants and when you begin to feel the urge, pull out a national geographic magazine or some article with some sad images (like the poor starving, struggling, famine stricken inhabitants in 3rd world countries) and i think that should do the trick
by Dod_France, Aug 17, 2008
14-15 is not a young age to start. just dont over do it.. id suggest 3 times a week and you'd be safe from most prostate infections. and yes use the national geographic magazine trick. i have no idea if it would work for you.. but give it a try
by lostindreamz, Nov 28, 2008
Im a 23 year old female. I have a problem. I masterbate at least 10 timesa day i work 2 jobs also. so leaves little time for anything else. any suggestions to how to help me quit. by the way i dont fantasize about anyone i just do it. is there any help for me???? Im at a loss!!!!!
by cuddlebugz, Dec 01, 2008
My boyfriend still does it continuously and it is a pain, he constantly touches and wants touched - some things never change - age and gender doesn't matter.
by jojoclown, Dec 23, 2009
Hey, Ive been masturbating or about 5 years now, im 14, when i was 10, (not the smartest of children) i looked down in the bath tub and started to 'play' not knowing what i was doing, the after math felt good, so i started to do it during every bath. the next year, after doing it every week, i came to find out what i was doing. I wanted to stop, but it came to be so addicting. The years went on, now here i am, at 14 years of age, doing it at least once a day, or sometimes more, its irritating me, i really do not want to do it, and i know that some doctors suggest that its a normal thing to do, blah blah blah, but i dont care if its normal, i dont wanna be hanging with my friends and then all of a sudden get the urge to do 'it' I wanna continue my athletic life with out getting an erection and having to fake an injury to sit out to cover it up, ive tried to quite multiple times, i pretty much try to quit after every time i do it, but it gets so addicting that its a naturally planned out time in my life, and it gets harder to stop, because every time i plan on stopping i say to myself im gonna stop and if i dont, them ___________ will happen, (_______ is a different consequence or something like that) But now when i say that its harder to believe my self because i all wasy forget about ti and masturbate.  

I posted this because i heard someone say that talking about ti and coming out with it helps you stop. I hope it works, but i would greatly appreciate it if you gave me some advice on how to stop, without saying "oh its normal" and things like that. As i said before, i dont care if its normal, all i care about is stopping,

Thanks for reading, and helping.
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