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Hey there,

I need some advice

First of all am 21 year old female with a boyfriend of 2 years.

24th April Wednesday: I wasnt taking my pill proper so i decided to have the coil put in, this realy hurt so had it took out asap (i was bleeding and realy bad pains)

2nd May: i was in so much pain i couldnt get of the floor, i was bleeding realy bad and ended up in hospitcal. they examined me and took some blood test and sent me home (give me some antiboics doxycycline and metronidazole)

4th May: I woke up and i was bleeding that much and in that much pain i was rushed back to the hossi. they examied me again etc and kept me in over night. In the morning i got my results back ive got Chlamydia and Pelvic Infecton.

I was so shocked i have never slept around but since me and my fella got gether ive never been tested and he hasnt been tested for 3 years.

I feel dirty minging and its realy knocking me sick. were both getting it sorted but i cant be my slef with him and am affiad its pushing us away hes being so nice about it and trying to make me feel better.I dont feel good about my self.

The worst thing is ive had cylimida that long its turned in PID (Pelvic infection) this can cause infertilly and i cant think of nothing else.
i would love to have kids when am older and i have a gutt feeling i will never be a mum because of this stupid STD and PID

I feel so down think it may be the pain and amount of blood am loosing. Am only due on in 2 weeks

Please help. 1

1st time ive ever had anything and never had any symptoms till now.  
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