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Any insight would be great
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Any insight would be great

Long story short I am 22 years old and have never had vaginal intercourse. About a month ago my boyfriend fingered me fairly no point were his pants off. And at no point were his hand in his pants (that I remember). I had my period about 2 weeks later although it was a little lighter than normal. My period usually last only about 2 days so 1.5 isn't terribly unusual. A few days after my period ended I started having terrible stomach pains that I attributed to  stress caused by my job. The pains were still there and my breast started hurting, once again assuming from stress. I have been to the doctors a few times and test have been done (no pregnancy - because I dont think its possible) But I think I have started to freak my self out. My mom thinks that it could be an ovarian cyst..Any thoughts?  
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Only a gynecological examination can determine the cause of your symptoms. I suggest you see your gynecologist ASAP. Dr. J
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