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Suddenly my orgasms are extremely weak
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Suddenly my orgasms are extremely weak

I'm very worried and extremely upset. I don't know what happened but all I know is, all of a sudden, within the past two weeks, I barely feel my orgasms at all. I am a male, I've always worried about sexual issues such as strange sensations or fears that I felt things differently than others which would pose sexual problems. But now, I feel like I have to completely give up on the idea of sex. I still get the urges to masturbate but when I orgasm, it's like it hits a wall, can't build up anymore and instantly dies while I'm ejaculating.

I had been exercising and eating well, I finished p90x last month, but now I'm in this state of intense depression further compounded by the fact that I can't orgasm like I'm supposed to. This has never been a problem, the last sexual issue I had was difficulty getting to orgasm and that was due to anti-depressants that I stopped taking soon after. There is no excuse I can think of for this. I've easily been able to masturbate and orgasm at full intensity while depressed, angry, sad, tired or even sick, so why has this suddenly been stripped away from me? I'm an unfortunate mess of physical problems, from IBS, eye problems, joint problems, atrophy in my heels, all sorts of things that are just systematically eating away at my life. And now this. I just tried masturbating a few hours ago and it was without a doubt the weakest orgasm I've ever had, I barely felt it, It just wouldn't build up and then the erection died off quickly while I was still ejaculating. Why do I get the feeling this is just something I have to accept as never going to change?
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You don't have to accept it. There could be many causes. The first step is to see a urologist for a complete exam. Best of luck to you. Dr. J
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I am 26 years old guy. From the age of 15 i am masturbuting regularly. Now the problem is when i talk to my girlfriend daily over phone or when we go out and sit together and talk normally with in few minutes i feel there is sticky precumin my undies. Just touching her, or talking over phone, getting little aroused i find massive precum. I want to cure this problem. Plz help me. I am not able to prepare for my exams. I also ejaculate in 2-3 minutes. Plz help me out.  plz suggest about my precum problem. I am feeling that i am getting weak day my day. Dullness on my face bcoz of this precum problem. Plz plzhelp me.
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Hello Dear Doctor
I am 24 years old and i masturbated when i was 18 continuously.

A year back i started feeling many problems due to this addiction and i started trying to quit masturbation but you know that addictions aren't easy to get rid of quickly. Finally almost after a year now i haven't done it for 30 days and i am trying to never do it again.

but the problem is that i am not recovering. I haven't noticed much improvement in the past 20 days. I just need to know whether this damage can be fixed by refraining from masturbation or not. Tell me about any specific diet that i need to take and any specific routine or rest schedule or medicine.

Following are the major symptoms:
- My pelvic muscles have become weak. I feel light pain in my groin, lower back, thighs etc.
- I feel tired and exhausted all the time.
- Weak erections.
- No morning erections as i once used to have.
- The length and girth of my sexual organ has also been reduced when erect.
- loss of sensitivity in the sexual organ.
- pain in all my joints and neck.
- depression
- lack of ability to have a good night sleep.
- concentration and focus problems.
- loss of memory
- unable to perform any heavy physical or mental work
- can't have sex with girl (no erection) i am very worried about my future
life and i will get married soon.

To take the first step i have already stopped masturbating completely

Kindly suggest me ways to recover as quickly as possible. I am not expecting that i will get recovered 100% in a week but there must be some way to speed up my recovery process. I am a student actually and it is so hard for me to see myself losing my grades just like that. when i quit masturbation i was expecting that i would be better in a month or so but it isn't exactly how i presumed it to be. I am drained of a lot of energy and important nutrients i guess.

Please Please Please help me here. God bless you all for doing such a nice job and helping patients without reward
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