bleeding after being fingered!
by jani94, Feb 19, 2012
I'm still a virgin, and last night I was fingered for the first time, he was really rough and when be brought his hand away it was covered in blood, I still have bleeding today and its quite sore when peeing. Is this normal??
by Janice M Epp, PhDBlank, Feb 25, 2012

I couldn't have said it better than the previous post. I would also add that now that you're being sexual with another person, you need to see a gynecologist for regular check-ups. If you don't have one, call your local Planned Parenthood or women's clinic to schedule am appointment. They offer free, or low-cost, confidential medical services to everyone.

And tell your bf not to be so rough. He may need some guidance from you in this area. Remember that just because men are expected to know more about sex, doesn't make it so. In fact, the only way they'll learn anything about female sexuality is if we teach them. Best of luck to you. Dr. J
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by DC456, Feb 19, 2012
Since you're a virgin, I'd guess that he broke your hymen; that would cause some bleeding.  It shouldn't be continuing today, though, so he could have torn your vaginal tissues as well.  Your vagina will be sore after rough handling (especially if he made you bleed!), so I'd say that's normal.  If the bleeding and soreness continue, or if the bleeding becomes heavier, call your doctor.

As a side note - if your partner is rough enough to make you bleed, think about whether that's a healthy relationship for you.  

I'm not a medical professional - these are just my thoughts.  Take 'em or leave 'em!  Hope you feel better.
by worriedmom2012, Mar 02, 2012
If your partner is rough, you need to let him know he won't know he's hurting u unless you tell him, if he continues to be rough then maybe that relationship isn't healthy for u. Best of luck hun