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how to stop nocturnal emissions
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how to stop nocturnal emissions

i want to know how to stop nocturnal emissions, i know that modern medicine doesn't consider it something that needs to be stopped, but according to my religion it isn't proper, and therefore it is bad for me psychologically, so i wanted to know what does modern medicine consider to be the best \ safest way to stop them, i guess included in the question is what causes them, i have a medical prescription for them, but it is from russia in the 1800's and i cant understand it,  
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I'm sorry that your culture deems something so pleasurable to be wrong. However, trying to stop your body's natural response is like trying to stop yourself from breathing: can't be done. When you’re asleep, everything you do is involuntary.

There are lots of superstitions about sleep orgasms, but none are actually based on facts. Most men experience erection and orgasm on a fairly regular basis. In fact, penises erect automatically all day and all night during sleep. And some of these result in sleep orgasms. These are quite common during teen years, and many men experience them throughout their lives.

Perhaps it might help you to know these facts and realize that your body works—on its own—no matter what you do. So you actually don’t have any responsibility here. Just as you can’t stop breathing, and you can’t stop sexual response. Dr. J
> i want to know how to stop nocturnal emissions

Having sex on a regular and permanent basis is the only way to eliminate the "problem". I suppose your religion allows to have a girlfriend or a wife, no?

If your sex life is very sporadic or non-existent, then you have to fight your own unconscious self, which is simply impossible.
* fight lust throughout the day.
* don't fear it.
* dont sleep in a room too hot.
* dont sleep in tight clothes.
* dont sleep on your stomach.
* pray.
* try to be clear and aware during the day (open your senses, don't get caught in daydreaming), not allowing your mind to become scattered.
* have a committed stable relationship and focus on loving rather than lustful sexual contact.

There are religious practices that help with this - I would suggest looking into modern gnosis.
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