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Sunburn and shingles??? Is it possible?
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Sunburn and shingles??? Is it possible?

Can shingles arise through sunburn?
Last year in August I went on vacation to Mexico. I hardly slept for 2 straight weeks and drank heavily. I also went to the beach and had massive massive sunburn all around my upper body. When I got back to Southern Cali I got the shingles as my sunburn was going away (2 1/2 weeks after the vacation). I went to the doctor and had a full blood panel and everything came back normal including HIV negative.

At first I thought it was a skin infection as I'm used to them because I wrestle but the doctor diagnosed them as shingles.

What could have caused it I'm only 23 years old?? Is it normal?
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What did you find out about this?  Any updates?
I also got a bout of Shingles, after 3 weeks in Mexico.

I know of numerous people who developed Shingles after a holiday in a warm


I am still suffering pain ---  8 months later...
Have you found a treatment for your pain? I worked as a CNA at a nursing home (i'm guessing that is where I contacting shingles) well it was the first stages so i caught it just in time, they treated me, and it went away.. but sometimes I will get these random strikes of pain where the shingles used to be... it mostly get irritated when i wear a bar (its under my bra line) or if my shirt rubs me it starts to get irritated. ( i already have sensitive skin has it is)
I'm 20 years old and I probably got diagnosed with shingles about 6 months ago or less.. but the pain still goes. If i don't think about it doesn't bother me.. but it only bothers me when i am relaxed and thinking about it or after i wear a bra. My doctor told me it gets irritated to just put bandages over it so my bra or shirt doesn't irritate it.. but it's on my back so firs its hard to pt one on my back and second i don't want to wear a bandage all the time. and it's not even that big... my shingles were the size of my pinky. it's gone away but it's like a little scar..
But what i am trying to say is.. i was wondering if your doctor found anything for the pain or if it's still hurting you.
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