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HELP! Alot of pain!
Hi I am 19 years old and i began having sex 6 months ago. I have had many problems in the past year and in particular this month. I've been fatigued all year and i have no idea why. Also I was having severe lower back pain with the fatigue. On February 11 the pain got excruciating in my lower back and I came down with a rising fever of 101. I went to the ER and they did a UA and found out it was a UTI. They also did a pelvic exam which was extremely painful and told me my cervix was very inflamed. They treated me for PID and a UTI with oral antibiotics and tested me for STD's (test came out negative). After finishing treatment i went to my primary care doctor who gave me muscle relaxers and something to relieve the inflammation. I also got blood tests that all came back negative.  After all of this i still have a low grade fever and back pain and i also have pain during sex and when inserting a tampon, and the fatigue is still there too.

Please if any body can give me their input that would be a huge help!
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