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Hep C Positive then Hep C Negative?
In 2000 following bllod work for overall health diagnosis - my doctor told me I have Hep C!!!???  AND appeared to not believe me that I have never used a drug via IV OR had various sexual partners - I was already 10 years into my second marriage - anyway, I chose NOT to believe him and felt it was simply a mistake from the git-go.  I never mentioned it again and continued my ADD & COPD monthly visits and treatments.  Since then, I have still followed this doctor from practise to practise - unknowing (until recently) that my medical records WERE NOT following this doctor.  There have been 2-3 blood workups since then and told "it came out fine" each time.  I never wanted to bring it up again so I never did...  I wonder if our past medical records influence our diagnosis and/or incorrect diagnosis?  I don't know - just thought I'd put that out there.
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