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Will it ever end?
I wonder a lot...get down in the dumps knowing this disease is killing me.  I went through a year of treatment and have had 3 relapses since.  My bones and joints hurt so bad, I'm so tired and fatigued, I get sick all the time.  Is the only answer to get better and feel better a liver transplant?  Wonder what the waiting list is like!  I'm only 41 but I feel like I'm 90.  I'm tired of the "watch and wait" cycle I go through with the doctors.  There just never seems to be a pleasing or uplifting remark or diagnosis for this disease.  I need a miracle pill, something to make this life a little easier and to give me just a little hope.
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Hi KellieGirl,
I'm so sorry you relapsed after treatment. That must be terribly disheartening. Don't give up hope yet! There are new drugs that are in clinical trials that may be approved by the end of the year that may cure you of this dreadful disease. In the meantime, try to drink as much water as you can, eat healthy foods (unprocessed, organic, low-sodium, low sugar, etc.), don't drink, exercise when you can, and get rest when you need it. Also remember you're not alone. I'm 58 and have had this disease 35 years now. I'm tired, too, but trying to take care of myself the best I can until I start treatment in a few months.
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