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Thalassemia Minor Treatments
Could not find a Thalassemia category, so chose closest category about Anemia.

Male. Sixty. Thalassemia minor.  Athletic.  Taking supplement antioxidants for decades, no iron.  
Taking dextroamphetamine & lexapro for many years, significantly helped with my fatigue depression, caused by Thal Minor.  

Hemoglobin historically in 10 to 11 range, workable.
Recently, dropped significantly to 7.2.
Went to hospital, turned down transfusion.  

Wanted EPO, but insurance only covers if kidney disease present, which it is not.  
Released 2 days later with hemo of 7.8.  
Checked again 2 weeks ago, trending down, 6.8.  
New symptoms after drop; chronic muscle pain(neck and shoulders), headaches, extreme fatigue....


Would EPO be effective in raising hemo a few points....
If yes, are there any organizations which would help with cost of EPO, since few insurance companys cover treatment.

Taking Testosterone can have side effect of increasing RBC count.  Test done before hemoglobin & hct became issue.    Reason for test, check for Low T.  

Question:  Is there any clinical implication for use with Thal minor, if Low T levels present....

Question:  Can you or your colleagues suggest any clinical study organizations which may be involved....

Finally, while reading the blogs, no one seems to consider transfusions.  What are your thoughts on transfusions....

Appreciate helpful suggestions.

Thank you so much,

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