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Big Brother Program

Does anyone here have experience with the Big Brother program?

My 5-year-old son has a dad but finds it a rather frustrating and boring
experience to spend time with him - because his dad just drives him to his
house about 3 days per month and then just does his own thing while our son
is "trapped" in there looking at books and staring out the window - or so he
described it. The other day my son watched his best friend being yanked off
the playground by his dad (nothing dramatic) and said" That`s why I don`t like
dads. They are too bossy and don`t play."

It sent off a warning light to me that his image of "The Male" is starting to get
worped. I work in an almost all-male environment, so my son is used to all those
guys being "cool dudes" and nice and playful with him when he happens to be
at work - but I don`t know how to restore the image he has of his own dad.

Is the Big Brother program something that would work in this matter? Is it safe? Is it
longlasting and reliable? I only know one guy from work who wanted to join the Big Brother
network at some point - and he is a guy with extremely low self-esteem who felt that HE needed
the attention that kids would give him. So I have mixed feelings on this and would love to hear
someone`s experience or any other idea.

Thank you so much!
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I know this is a really old post but I do want to say that I had some friends that worked in the Big Brother program and they enjoyed the time they spent working with children.  I hope that others will add their experience to this post though, it's a good topic to have.
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wow, that is an old post! If anyone needs an answer, I use Big Brothers Big Sisters and I love it. My 9 yr old loves it and my now 14 yr old used it and loved it.
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