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Chronic sinus infection , any tips
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Sinus infection also called sinusitis, is inflammation of the paranasal sinuses that may occur when having an infection, allergy or autoimmune issues. Discuss topics including causes, symptoms and treatments for sinusitis.

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Chronic sinus infection , any tips

Hey guys, im a 17 year old teen and i suffer from anxiety but thats taken care of, the next problem is my sinus that seems to be building up around my eyes and swelling in my head.
I am a really fit person , i exercise everyday, i just recovered from he cold and this sinus seems to be getting worse.
some of the symptoms i get is:
My ears , face and jaw gets really hot , it feels like its going to explode!
I get really dizzy and fatigue.
My chest becomes all tight and the sinus around my eyes and head always seem to moves around which makes it worse.
I also cannot sleep at night due to my sinus because it leads to my anxiety attacks.

I cannot leave my house without getting a sinus attack, ive tried antibiotics, neti pot and nasal spray, they do not help, e.n.t doesnt know what to do either.

everytime i train and twist around or flip around because i tend to move around alot due to my martial arts training it gets bad.

Are they any tips that you guys have for me? it will be really helpfull.

Oh and the sinus in my head makes me really depersonalized and vertigo like.
any tips?
Your symptoms are exactly the same as mine! I suffer from mild anxiety and this is spurred on by my sinusitis. (or the other way around, i suffer from both at the same time)

The worst thing about this is the headaches/pressure in my head. I get the typical tingling/pains in my nose, cheeks and forehead but some days the pain and pressure affect my temples, ears and even my jaw and neck and i get extremely nauseous. So much so all i can do is lay down all day taking regular paracetomol. I get the diziness/weakness/feeling extremely tired/chest tightening/heart palpatations aswell.

I'd advise to go to your doctor and asked to be referred to an ENT specialist - im still waiting for my appointment but i suppose its the first step to finding the core problem.

Anxiety wise, sounds stupid but depending on what phone you have, download a few hypnosis apps! Theyve really helped me relax a lot, especially at night when its hard to sleep due to the symptoms!
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