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Doctor gave meFlonase for bacterial sinus infection? How is this ok? He...
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Sinus infection also called sinusitis, is inflammation of the paranasal sinuses that may occur when having an infection, allergy or autoimmune issues. Discuss topics including causes, symptoms and treatments for sinusitis.

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Doctor gave meFlonase for bacterial sinus infection? How is this ok? Help please!

Doctor prescribed me flonase for sinus infection but it says not to take if you have an infection? Help I'm confused!

I have a sinus infection that started with a cold a month ago. The doctor first gave me antibiotic Keflex and ni improvement so he gave me Augmenton which did help and my fever is gone but I still have a bad pain over my cheek on left side. I also have post nasal drip with disgusting color :( Embarrassing.. Anyway The doctor gave me two shots yesterday, a steroid and antibiotic roseferine. The pain went away within two hours yesterday after shots buit woke up this morning and pain is back as well as the post nasal drip. The doctor also prescribed me Flonase nasal spray for the infection but I read the info on it and it says do not take if you have an infection because it is a steroid and it lowers the immune systom. So I'm terrified to use it because I don't want the infection to get even worse. How is it ok to use flonase for bacterial infection? Have any of you used flonase for infection. My infection is not allergy related, it came from a cold that was going around. Thanks so much for reading.
and yes I have been using nasal irrigation along with all of the other home remedies I have found on the internet.
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Sometimes when you have a sinus infection, it causes your nasal cavity to swell and your sinuses become even more irritated. The purpose of something like flonase is to keep the sinuses open and to promote draining to relieve and treat the symptoms of Sinusitis. It can actually be quite common for a doctor to prescribe Flonase or Nasacort or something of the like for someone with chronic sinusitis, or sinusitis that hasn't gotten better with other methods of treatment.

Although, if you're worried about it, feel free to call your pharmacy and ask them. I've called the pharmacist and asked questions about my daughter's medications, and they've always been very helpful and courteous. They are there to help you just as your doctors are.
Hello, I have found that the chemists know more than the Dr's about drugs.
I was put onto an antibiotic called Ciprofloxacin, the first ime I finished the course, but for weeks after suffered horrendous pain in my knees, so bad I had to use a wheel chair to go out.
then it cleared oh what a joy, then a few weeks ago I was put back on them withing three pill the pain started, it was a Sunday so I rang our local Pharmacy, told him what I was on and he just about yelled at me "Do not take anymore, what ever you do, take no more, they cause the ligaments to tear" Tendonitis.  do you know I have a wonderful Dr, but even he did not know about that, the pain was 15 out of 10, so be careful what you take and that includes natural therapies, from one who nose.  I have my operation number 7 tomorrow and it is a radical one.
girly ciproxine is used to treat bacteria like pseudomonas and you should let doctor check wich bacteria you are infected with...good bless..
Imagine your nose, with warm salt water flowing through - this is the 'river' you create each time you wash your nose.

Your sinuses are stagnant ponds with small outlets allowing them to drain into the nose. When the saline solution flows past these outlets it creates a low-pressure stream that draws out the contents of the sinus cavities; just like a swiftly moving river would drain a small pond.
It is just common sense to practice this nasal cleansing as a part of daily nasal hygiene. You get rid of allergens, pollution, dust & stagnant mucus.

My allergist calls me a "success story" and congratulates me on achieving "normal" sinus health by practicing daily nose washing. She told me most patients of hers who have had sinus surgery end up worse off. I never thought I would be normal. After my 3rd sinus operation - back in 1995 - I got so depressed because all I could see ahead was more sickness, more surgery and no normal sinus health. But daily nosewashing helped me improve and normalize my sinus health. I can not say enough good things about it. I have also avoided colds by doing this - I swear! I used to work teaching those germ bag kids who were always sick.
I have not had a cold since 1999. I had one cold in 1998 & one in 1999 . I did not retire until 2003.  I began daily nose washing in 1995 so since 1995 I have had 2 colds.... and none since 1999.

Nose washing is one of the safest, easiest, cheapest & most beneficial things you can do for yourself. I don't want others to suffer as i did - that is why I encourage everyone I know to protect their sinus & respiratory health by washing the nose-! A neti Pot works very well & health food stores sell them and so do several places on-line. If you have a sinus infection washing the mucus OUT several times a day allows you to recover faster and it allows your medication to work better. I used to always get a sinus infection as a result of the cold. Your sinuses swell up and prevent mucus from draining. WASH YOUR NOSE.
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