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Melanoma or Meyerson nevus? With Photos! Help!
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Melanoma or Meyerson nevus? With Photos! Help!

Hello everybody!

I'm a 24 YO guy, with lots of flat moles on my body from birth.

Around two years ago, I went to a dermatologist to remove a round, raised, symmetrical and 2mm diameter mole, that was slowly growing on my back. The doctor removed it in a blitz and said it was a "normal" mole. After a year, I noticed it was growing back, and around 8 months ago I noticed that a small bruise was also growing around it.

At first I did not pay much attention but my mother kept telling me that that was weird and last monday (13/08) I went to a dermatologist again. Two months ago started to apply apple cider vinegar and some Epione cream (corticosteroid I guess) from the pharmacy and last sunday (12/08) the centered mole simply fell off. And that was right before my dermatologist consult, on last monday.

In the hospital, since I had no mole left to analyse, I took with me a photo of the mole to show the doctors and the appear to find it very normal and were not worried about the bruise around it. They gave a a "neutral" cream to hydrate the bruise/eczema and schedule me another consult to October 4th to check the progresses (the vanish of the bruise or the returning of the mole!).

Here are the photos with the date they were taken. Please note that the different lightning may make they look more different than in reality. The camera flash makes the bruise seem softer.

3rd photo - After some weeks applying the cider vinegar and some Epione, this remained of the mole. Then, this also came off lefting just a subtle pink mark of the mole.

I'm now very worried because all I found on the internet is these symptoms related to melanomas and I really want to know the world and have some kids before I pass way...

Today (20-08), the mole does not seem to be returning but the bruise remains unchanged... And it's getting itchier.

Please give me your sincere advise, no matter how bad they might sound.

Many thanks.
Tags: mole bruise melanoma cancer, eczema itch meyerson, dermatitis
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You are doing the right thing. You have seen a dermatologist and they are keeping an eye on things. The experts  are not particularly concerned so you should also try to not to be concerned. The biopsy you had originally was clear and it still applies.

Itchiness is most likely due to the scar healing.

Keep your appointment in October but try not to worry too much in the meantime.

Take care.
The mole I removed two years ago was not sent to biopsy... But if this does not get better, lets say, until next week, should I still wait until October or should I appoint asap another consult? If this is melanoma, 1 month can be very important, as I've been reading...

Thank you Pum67
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