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Moles to be concerned about
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Moles to be concerned about

It may probably sound weird to say this but...
I'm 14 years old and I've got 3 moles I'm being concerned about.
-The first one I'm mostly concerned about is a raised mole that's right in the underwear area and it's sometimes being scratched by the underwear. I don't think I have it for more than a year. It has changed just a little bit in colour, it got darker, but I don't know if this is something bad... or it probably has changed in colour because it used to be scratched. But my mom won't take me to the doctor because she said I'm too young and I could have cancer if they take off the mole and she bought me boxers not to ''disturb'' the mole anymore. And since last week in the moles area, but not the mole, I started to have a weird pain that doesn't last just a few seconds.
-The second mole is one on my neck. It's raised, little and a very dark brown. And I sometimes have a sting sensation from it.
-The last mole is one on my arm. 4 months ago it started to itch for a week. It hasn't changed at all, and I think it started to itch because I realized there's a a hair that has grown from it. Do you think that's the reason why it started to itch?
I'm kinda worried about the first one.

Thank you.
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I don't understand your mum's comment about getting cancer if they take the mole off. That is incorrect. A mole is either cancerous or it isn't. The first one is the one you should get checked out as you say it has changed colour. I'm sorry your mother won't take you. Make sure you remember to mention it if you are at the doctor for another reason. Does your school have a nurse or something you could mention it to. Perhaps they could refer you to help put your mind at ease.
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