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Vitamin D Defficiency & Skin Cancer (using more suncscreen since di...
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Vitamin D Defficiency & Skin Cancer (using more suncscreen since diagnosis) ...

Important Vit D info I'd like to share with you if you've recently started to use more sunscreen (especially true for most of us who've had skin cancer removed) to cover yourself from harmful sun rays than prior to your skin cancer.

Having an early Melanoma removed in '07 I started using a higher SPF Sunscreen and covering larger am't of my body as well as staying in the shade at the beach much more than ever before in my life. And this has not been huge am'ts of glopping the sunscreen all over -- just using 30 vs. 15spf and being more diligent about reapplication, etc.

This pattern (to protect from harmful rays) has cont'd since '07 and I started to have symptoms which brought me to my Dr. for an evaluation.

The answer:  My Vitamin D levels were seriously low (9 on a scale of 32-100 being normal) and after two complete workups to rule out parathyroid and other conditions, my endocrinologist and primary doc both agree that the add'l sunscreen usage since my melanoma has caused this to happen.

I suggest to have your Vit D levels checked if you have symptoms or at your annual physical if you've changed your sunscreen usage.

Here are some Vit D Links for more info conatined in a journal entry:

Just wanted to share this from my experience to help others.

Early Melanoma removed completely 6/07
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