gasping for air with nasal congestion voice hoarseness
by gasping, Apr 23, 2010
On Monday I wake up with nasal congestion and voice hoarseness by Thursday early morning I have dry scratchy throat, I work noc's as  a nurse, I come home go to bed and within less than an hour I wake up gasping for air.  All I can do it seems is to breathe in(loud gasps) but not breathe out.. I will have issues while awake where my throat will feel like it is very dry and scratchy and I have to stop and concentrate on getting a breath in.  The doctor today says that I am having nasal drainage that is clogging my airway when I sleep but I think not since when I am awake I will have that same feeling but am awake so I can control it.  I know that when my throat feels this way when I get this type of cold that I will be having this gasping problem when I sleep so I am afraid to sleep.  Unfortunately my 16 yr daughter had to witness this today and scared the crap out of her.  Need Help??? Why does this happen and todays episode was the longest yet. So aftraid to sleep right now only maybe 5 hours broken sleep today.   I also suffer from Sleep Apnea undx by MD I do snore and my apnea does wake me at times.  
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Apr 27, 2010
Having nasal congestion from any reason (colds, allergies, etc.) can aggravate your obstructive sleep apnea. Are you being treated for sleep apnea? Most cases of chronic sore throat and hoarseness is from laryngopharyngeal reflux disease. You may need to talk to your sleep doctor.
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