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C-pap with ful
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C-pap with ful

My c-pap machine is aggravating my flu, which I can't get over, I'm in my 3rd week. I am literally drowning from my drippy nose, constant sneezing and burning, watering eyes. This happens about 5 times a year, with no flu involved, it lasts about two to three weeks,  since I have had this machine. (4 years) My sleep episodes occur average 14 times an hour so I am still in the mild range, 15 being moderate. I have slept miserably all of this time, and I get up in the mornings worn out. Now the flu seems to have activated all the before mentioned symptoms and nothing goes away.
I understand to keep the water out of the nose cushion you must keep room temp and water temp. the same to avoid condensation, it doesn't help, I sleep in a cool room, so my nose and face are cold and wet all night. I have been sleeping fitfully during the flu and off the machine comes, I often can not stand it to touch my sore nose. One night I made the decision to sleep without it and I slept for 91/2 hours, unheard of!
I can not go like this thinking of giving up C-pap. I am a woman and will be 76 years old next month. Life is too short to go through this misery! By the way I have had the flu shot!
My question is which is worse, suffering ongoing sinus and bronchial problems and getting no comforting restful sleep or keep being tortured by a hard hearted Dr. and this darned machine?
Tags: Flu, c pap
Tags: C-PAP, Flu, sick of being miserable, what would you do
Hello and hope you are doing well.

Understand your predicament. It is evident from your history that you could most probably be suffering from allergic rhinitis and asthma. Both these diseases are usually triggered by an allergen. These allergens, when exposed to initiate immune mediated reactions which will result in the symptoms you experience. The allergic history usually runs in families.

So, the problem can be tackled at three levels.

At the allergen level, where you can consult an allergy specialist, who after doing some skin tests, will be able to specify some allergens. You can either avoid exposure to these allergens or desensitize yourself.

The second level is prevention of the attacks. For this, there are steroidal sprays for allergic rhinitis and steroid inhalers for asthma. The steroid content is very minimal in both, sprays and inhalers and long-term use will prevent attacks.

When you have an attack, you can use an antihistamine (like Cetirizine) for allergic rhinitis. Cetirizine is not a steroid and all antihistamines will have some sedative effects. For wheezing, during the attacks, you can use Asthalin.

You can take an occasional break from the CPAP machine, till your nasal congestion resolves and re use it with a mask which is most suitable for you.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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