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Moving too much in my sleep?
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Moving too much in my sleep?

I'm 21, in university. For the past couple of months now I've been extremely tired upon waking, and usually get tired pretty early on during the night. It's gotten slightly worse now, I'm pretty much tired all day, since I have to get up earlier now for school. I can fall asleep easily, though, although I've noticed lately how much I regain consciousness in the nights. I'd fall back to sleep almost immediately, but that kind of disruption to sleep can't be good.

Three nights ago I decided to tape myself to see exactly what was wrong with me. It appears that I don't snore or make much other noises in my sleep (probably not apnea). However, I did notice a lot of tossing and turning, and sometimes I'd have my arm in the air for a couple of seconds and down again. I also kept bringing the blanket over my head for a while, then pushing it back down again, repeated a dozen or so times during the night. Strangely it seems that sometimes I would be trying to tent the blanket up when it's over my head with my arms, probably to give me some breathing room in there.

So I tried some experiments. I removed the blanket entirely, and put a sleeping bag on my mattress and slept in that. Still, I kept waking to find myself trying to pull the bag up. Then again last night I tried the blanket again, but this time tucked in and lowered to my waist, almost. It still didn't work. I found myself waking up with my head off the pillow, and my body moved down the bed by a couple of inches. I would have to reposition myself because it was pretty uncomfortable. This happened a couple of times. When I finally awoke in the morning, the blanket was untucked, and over my head.

I don't know why this is happening, the room gets very dark in the night, and it's not like my head is freezing, it's pretty warm.

I just want a decent night's sleep, free of abrupt awakenings, or moving more in my sleep than when I'm awake. If anyone has any ideas please share it with me. Thanks!
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Fatigue when waking is a sign that you haven't slept well enough.

That's clever about taping yourself!  

It's hard to understand why you keep wanting to put the blanket up over your head when you are sleeping.  I do that when I'm cold.  Perhaps it's psychological.  It's hard to say.

It's worth going to talk to your regular doctor about it.

Dr. Enoch Choi, MD
Palo Alto, CA
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