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Seizures? Sleep paralysis? Or my imagination?..
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Seizures? Sleep paralysis? Or my imagination?..

I'm a 15 year old girl, and I will every 4 months or so, will be lying in bed and the following will happen:
1. I'll become almost completely immobile, being unable to move.
2. Next I'll hear a distorted noise or voice.
3. I am unable to talk, I may mumble, or open my mouth in a desperate attempt to scream, because of my fear, only to realize; I cannot make a sound in this situation.
4. Lastly, I'll start shaking uncontrollably.

Heres the kicker: I am aware of my surroundings the whole time. I'm asleep, partially, but I'm not fully asleep.

I haven't told anyone for fear it might be seizures.. it usually starts with a dream that I have while I'm partially asleep. The dreams are usually nightmares or just weird random creepy thoughts or images. At one point I was worried they could be a form of hallucination. After all, it did always seem I was awake during these events.
I, however, have never been under the use of drugs, or even prescriptions!
Then I fell the pressure of something holding me down, I can't move. At all. Then I hear a really creepy noise (what I believed for a long time was a deep, almost demonic, voice). It sounds like its talking to me in a foreign language.
Then I begin shaking uncontrollably. It's very scary:(!!
I can usually keep my cool and remain calm if it's a short 'episode' but if it lasts what seems like a long time I start to freak out a little bit. I want -need- to know whats going on with me. I wish it to stop. seizures (god forbid), Sleep paralysis (whatever that may be), or even if you believe it's some sort of demonic or spiritual thing, I NEED TO KNOW WHATS WRONG WITH ME:( please could anyone help? What do you believe is my condition, if I have one?

Please comment, and help?

-TooScaredToSleep <3
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Avatar f tn
ok, so I found out this is called sleep paralysis. Nothing to worry about, here's some info if you have/had these problems I did:)
Avatar m tn
I didn’t know the name till now,  I learn how to do it with my body since I was 15 , now Im 27 and sometimes I do it just to have fun,
if you think about it you will see that you can control your actions when it happens(like a lucid dream) but when I loose control of my dream and I few my body and I cannot move it. I focus it one part of my body and I try to move it really hard,
sometimes after do it I think I m awake but I start see stranges things then I realise I was sleeping again,
the deal is after you wake up turn your body around and so your body and mind will `sync` again

thats how it works to me.
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