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Several sleeping problems caused during my night sleep, and can not kee...
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Several sleeping problems caused during my night sleep, and can not keep awake during the day

Hi, I'm nineteen and I have problems sleeping, I have about 7-8 hours of sleep every day, but between the sleep, I tend to have these dreams where I either end up dead or I get ran over, I can pull myself out sometimes. I sometimes wake up every two hours, for say ten minuets, then fall back to sleep, and the dream sometimes continues.....sometimes I can never fall back to sleep so I am sitting in my room wondering if I will ever fall back to sleep for that night.

During my day time I tend to fall asleep at TAFE, its like, I never had sleep, I tend to fall asleep without knowing that I have fallen asleep at the computer, I feel tired every morning, and still feel tired during the night time, there's never a time where I feel happy because I am always tired, and I really don't know why I am always tired, IF i am lucky, I would go to bed at 10:00 pm but I would never really fall to sleep unless I don't notice, it takes me ages just to fall to sleep, and when I can fall to sleep, it feels like a minuet has past, I wake up during the night, quickly jumping up in my bed, not wanting to fall to sleep. I am sometimes frightened to sleep because dreams I have I'll explain one of my dreams

(and yeah my dreams are stupid, but i take them seriously)
It was 2 nights ago....I don't remember much, but I can try and explain. I was in a dream, where my body was like a bomb...I remember collapsing onto the ground, when my time was up, I woke up freaking out, not knowing what to do.....

Last week, I had another dream about being ran over by a car and end up in hospital, not remembering who I was etc....Do I need help? I'm really exhausted all the time....tired....I just can never really keep my eyes open unless I am doing something (even right now at 7:04pm i am tired)

Can anyone give me tips or help me, or know what is the cause of this?

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