While sleeping I get my mouth full of saliva and it starts driping. What causes this? John Farooqui, London
by hricks36, Jun 14, 2008
for quite some time now , when ever I wake up in the  morning I have a full mouth of saliva?   any idea  what it is
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by Suri123, Jun 14, 2008
Hi hricks36, how are you doing? Since when you have noticed this excessive salivation during sleep and do the same happen in daytime? Have you consulted your family doctor or a dental surgeon and have received any kind of treatment. Common causes are bad oral hygiene, inflammation of oral mucosa, respiratory tract infection, sinus infection, sleep apnea etc. Here are links to know more on the symptoms and treatment aspect, which you might be interested in:
Do consult your family physician for proper care and referral. Take care and share your thoughts.
by hricks36, Jan 15, 2010
No  during the day time I am fine . I do wear denture with  made from the old mercury mixture .   This doesn't happens at all time during the  night. For example  I notice when I eat 3-5hrs before bed time I do fine  and sleep like a baby. When I eat  minute before bed time   then I wake up one during the middle of the night .
by hacker12345, Feb 08, 2010
same problem with me, i brush my teeth twice a day. but when i wake up i cant have a lie in due to the fact that every 2 mins my mouth gets full of bad saliva, sometimes brown mostly ordinary saliva. i have to spit every 2 mins or so otherwise my mouth gets full. therefore i can never have a lie in, whenever i wake up - thats it i have to get up. so annoyin, been happening for about a year now.
by aks3432, Dec 27, 2010
@ hacker12345
I've same problem. My saliva is always normal though and some times it doesn't even happen.
Please suggest a solution.
by Jaybay, Jan 01, 2011
Since this happens only when you eat shortly before bed, my guess is that you have acid reflux during the night.  It's pretty common but can lead to serious problems down the line if left untreated.  My husband has severe acid reflux and the same thing happens to him if he eats anything more than two hours before bed.  If it still happens even if you don't eat before going to sleep, have a chat with your doctor.  There are plenty of meds available to treat GERD.
by aqeel315, Oct 03, 2012
hi, I have had the same problem for years now. and actually spoke to my dentist about it. to which she didn't have a clue. I was told by non-med sources that it's caused by bad lever. and as a treatment, I was recommended the use of black cloves and garlic in my food as a herbal alternative; cooked food that is. It definitely made a difference. I find less and less stains on my pillow now. good luck.
by Bakenbyte, May 14, 2013
Hi. I Have the same problem. Its happened to me for almost 30 years now. I wake up every now and then to spit and the saliva is sooo bitter, thick and stinky. Sometimes if am asleep facing up, i swallow the saliva by accident and it gives me an instant severe stomach-ache.

Even if i take a nap for 3 minutes during the day, say while traveling, that's enough to accumulate stinky, thick saliva, as long as i really go to sleep. I too have talked to several dentists and other doctors and they have no clue.
by Nitsirk09, May 20, 2013
i have the same condition with you.... when i wake up my mouth is like a balloon not full with air but with saliva.... :/
by pcific, Dec 02, 2013
i am suffring wid same problen when ever i sleep and wake up then my mouth is full of saliva :( this is happening from last 3 years. Plz suggest me any thing ?