Why does my husband sweat so much at night?
by bluemorningglory86, Nov 15, 2010
Hi, if my husband goes a night or two without a full nights sleep, he sweats a lot while he sleeps. It is so bad that he soaks the shirt he is wearing, the blankets, sheets, and his pillow. He has had this problem for several years. Why does he do that when he hasn't had enough sleep? Is it normal for some people to do that?
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by Dr RajputBlank, Nov 16, 2010
Hi, welcome to the forum, it can be normal in few individuals but recent onset needs to be evaluated.  The possibilities for night sweats are anxiety neurosis, Lymphoma, Infections like Brucellosis, Pheochromocytoma, Carcinoid syndrome and Hyperthyroidism.

Even indigestion is one of the strong possibility i.e. acid reflux disease.
I suggest you to consult a physician and get evaluated for complete blood tests (serological and biochemical investigation), endoscopy, 24 hrs gastric pH, thyroid profile and radio imaging abdomen etc.

Talcum, Aluminum Chloride with Ethyl Alcohol, Anticholinergics or Propantheline Bromide can be used against prescription. Take care and regards.