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i cant go to sleep
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i cant go to sleep

i am 13 years old and cant fall asleep. i lay here in the dark for hours and cant sleep. i will finally go to sleep around 2 or 3 in the morning and sleep until 1 in the afternoon. this just started happening to me about 2 weeks ago. it has never happened before. i am having the trouble right now so i decided to post it on here. any advice is appreciated.
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Hi, I've had buckets of experience with both lying awake in bed and not sleeping until 2 or 3 in the morning. If you peek at my sleep chart you'll see I haven't managed to fix it yet. But don't worry, there IS hope! I've had this problem my entire life, whereas it's new to you, so you can probably fix it ;)

I think the first thing you should do is check your sleep hygiene. Make sure you're not having any caffeine, watching TV, playing video games, or doing anything else too exciting a few hours before bed time. Try to avoid bright lights. You could try having a hot bath/shower just before bed, or drinking hot milk - there's a compound in the milk that helps to make you sleepy.

If you're able to wake up to an alarm, set one for 8 hours after you want to be going to sleep, and make sure you get up, even if you've only had a few hours of sleep. Speaking from great amounts of experience, waking up late just makes sleeping earlier a LOT harder.

Ask yourself if there's anything in particular keeping you up - are you worried about anything in your life? School? Family? Friends? Do you lie awake at night obsessing over everything that could go wrong in your life? Basically is there any external factor that could be causing your sleep to go out of whack.

Finally, start recording your sleep times and wake times with the sleep tracker NOW.
If you have good sleep hygiene, don't have any problems with anxiety/stress or any known disorders which would cause this, you will probably need to go and see a doctor about it. Having a sleep chart already could speed things up a lot :)

Oh yes, and I don't think that lying awake in bed is especially fun, so study or something until you feel sleepy. Personal experience is that reading fiction is a bad idea, because it gets gripping and then you don't WANT to sleep. Magazines are good because they have a limited amount of content, studying is good because it's bloody boring.
Hi, yours symptoms are suggestive of insomnia. Your symptoms are due to change in Shift of sleep.

The sleep problems can be resolved by transferring from the night shift or by adopting a daily sleep routine that is consistent seven days per week. Chronic insomnia may develop in individuals who work the night shift on either a rotating or permanent basis.

They may also be associated with sleep disorders (eg, sleep apnea, periodic limb movements), medical conditions that cause pain, psychiatric diseases (eg, anxiety, depression, stress etc).
The investigations which will help to diagnose the type and cause for insomnia are Polysomnography, Multiple sleep latency test and Actigraphy.

The therapy for this condition includes retaining of normal circadian rhythm by non-pharmacological therapy which includes; Photo therapy, maintenance of sleep hygiene. Also avoid playing video games, loud music etc. I suggest you to consult sleep specialist or psychiatrist. Take care and regards.
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