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increase in heart rate and blood pressure
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increase in heart rate and blood pressure

I have had quite a few episodes in the night where I will awake from a dream or gasp for air and then
I get a rise in blood pressure and beats per minute, plus an attack of fear.

Could this be from lack of oxygen setting off the adrenal gland and I get a large adrenalin rush
and it makes me tired afterwards and my neck muscles and shoulders get tense.

I think I might have obstructive sleep apnea because it only happens when I fall asleep soon after.

Anybody else ever experience this?
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I have had episodes such as these and they are anxiety related. You should discuss these episodes with your doctor to get a correct diagnosis.

I also have obstructive sleep apnea and use a CPAP and still have the episodes every once and awhile when I am under too much stress.

If your doctor can get you in for a sleep study and take care of that problem at the same time you should be fine.

Check your blood pressure during the day to see if it is elevated as Sleep Apnea can cause this also. If you feel tired during the day as if you haven't slept you are a good candidate for the condition.

Good Luck.
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Thanks for your response.

Does your blood pressure get really high , I have had these episodes where they usually
average about 190/100 with heartbeats of over 100 beats per minute.Once it went as high as 210/110 which really scared me.

I have been to the doctor in the past and I had my urine tested for adrenal gland tumors which was negative. So I was written a referral for a sleep study, which I never went to
because sometimes I would only get them once every 2 weeks.

I have been under stress with my new position at work , feeling overwhelmed ,
which could be part of the problem, but I have actually caught myself gasping for
air by waking up after an hour or two hours of sleep.

I read on the internet that these adrenaline rushes are not good for the body, in the long run, could cause damage to the heart or congestive heart failure.

I get very tired after these episodes and they last a little longer , usually a half hour
till the bp starts coming down and then sometimes I get a weird feeling in my stomach and it will rise again. I always get muscle pain in my neck and shoulder area.

I can feel them starting, I have these episodes of fear and and strange thoughts
in my mind and then I feel like a burning rush of adrenaline going through the body.

It really is frustrating, do you have similar things?
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