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link between vivid dreams i try to wake up from and sometimes feeling l...
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link between vivid dreams i try to wake up from and sometimes feeling like i cant breathe properly

sometimes in the evening i feel like i cant breathe and i try to take a deep breath and it seems to make it worse. another thing is i some times have weird dreams that are really vivid. last night i had one which id actually had once in the past. also before i went to sleep i had this feeling like i couldnt breathe. then later i went to sleep and frist dreams i was in a place with a balcony being chased by some man and i kept on trying to follow my mum. next it turned into this other part where i was asleep in bed and felt water on the floow and saw the tap was leaking. then i opend the door and there was a big spider and i ran to another room to switch off another tap and there was another spider and a beetle. the i called a friend to pick me up because i was scared and he didnt come yet and im stil tring to switch off the water and there are still spiders every place i come to. then i coughed and a handful of slime came out off my mouth at this point i realise im dreaming and try to wake up but i cant. i felt like i was trying to make my eyes wet with spit to wake up and to move and pull my eyes open with my fingers to wake up, it felt like it too really long before finally i woke up. i was straight wide awake. my eyes did hurt, dont know if i was actually physically pulling them open. i had this same dream once before.

ive had other vivid dreams like this before where i try to wake myself up. such as lots of cats scratching me in my sleeping bag and im trying to wake up and pinch myself etc and wake up with a red mark. another one with bats flying every where around my bed and face and i try to wake myself up from the nightmare.

after such nightsmares i also often feel like i have a heavy chest for about an hour after and cant take a deep breath.

Is this all phychological? is there a link between the dreams and the breathing thing? i dont like the vivid nightmare and i dont like the difficult breathing feeling either.

im a 27 year old female. i think ive only had it about 3 years. sometimes 2times a night or a week, sometimes not for a few weeks/months.

Thanks in advance for opinion
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Hi, your symptoms are suggestive of Nightmare disorder, or dream anxiety disorder, which is a sleep disorder characterized by frequent nightmares or vivid dreams. Nightmare can be defined type of a dream wherein the individuals will be left in a situation where it jeopardizes their life or personal safety, usually occur during the second half of the sleeping process, called the REM stage. It can be associated with disordered breathing.

It can occur normally in persons but in this disorder it occurs at higher frequency. The past event has a left an impact in your mind and hence there is persistent sense of insecurity in your sub conscious mind.

This disorder can be managed by self by alleviating the home and personal life related stress particularly before going to bed.  A regular fitness routine, Yoga and meditation can also help to eliminate stress and create a more peaceful sleeping atmosphere and provides a relaxed state of mind. Psychotherapy can also help you to learn how to cope and deal with the various stressors in your life.

Do not worry, follow the above mentioned methods and the symptoms will alleviate soon. I suggest you to consult psychiatrist. Take care and regards.
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Hai ,may be U have beeing watching movies on horror or spiders or animal movies past days. This might have comming in ur dreams.

Try, consuming, Bee honey ,or cabbage or potato , or banana or warm milk , before going to bed(half and hour before)This will give u a sound sleep.

try this ,

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hi there
These all things are anxiety related u need not to worry at all.
As u told u tried to woke up but u couldn't.this is sleep paralysis may be found in normal individuals during axiety but may also be pathological but this not seems in ur case.
2)TRY not to take tress.
3)exercise meditation & yoga daily
4)never have heavy meals before going to bed.
5)never think that u r sick as more u think more u will be.
Write here if any progress.
Best of luck.bye.
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thanks so much for explanations and advise.
Ill try make my sleep more routine and do some excersize before.
i am a bit overworked at times, maybe that adds to it.
spiders is a general fear i have, but funnily enough i hadnt seen one before the dream!

this week i havent had any dreams yet, so thats good!

thanks again!!
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