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my mom talked to me..I recollection
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my mom talked to me..I recollection


ok something happened last night that freaked me a little last night. Let me give u a background first. I have tourette's syndrome and had deep brain stimulation surgery so I have electrodes which pass a small current through my brain to block the signals that cause the uncontrollable movements. just google DBS and read the wikipedia article if u want to know more. I am also on SSRI fluvoxamine (Luvox) for OCD.

I drank the above stuff called dream water last night, after having a few days of extreme stress and sleeplessness. It is part of the new "relaxation drink craze" (all over the news) which is an industry that came out to compete with the energy drink companies. There are now over a dozen brands of these drinks, and they are all supposed to "calm" you. The one I drank had a 150mg "proprietary blend" of GABA, 5-HTP & Melatonin. I took it and went to sleep pretty quick which is always the hardest part for me.

My dog is 14 and she has cancer. I love her to pieces and I searched for days relentlessly in the paper calling shelters looking for her when I was just 10 years old. That was 14 years ago. So last night she had a seizure at 1am (about an hour after I had gone to bed), my parents took her to the 24hr emergency vet. Knowing that she may not ever return from the vet, my mom aroused me and asked me if I wanted to get up go, in case I needed to say goodbye. Apparantly, I said no, she tried again, I said no. She thought it was very odd for me that I would refuse going, but her concern was the dog at that point.

So fast forward 7 hours to 8am, I wake up go downstairs, see my dog (surprisingly relaxed from the meds, thought she was dead for a second) then I saw an invoice and 2 doggie prescription bottles on the counter for tramadol and neurotnin. The invoice was timestamped 2:23am. So I went to my dad and said "would anyone like to inform me what the **** happened last night?" (not knowing that I was already told). He explained the whole thing, and then told me mom had tried to wake me and asked me if I wanted to go...I didn't believe him, so I asked my mom and she confirmed. She said I sounded awake and coherent so she thought I really didn't want to go. When I told her I didn't remember ANY of it, she said she was sorry, she really thought I was awake.

Sorry for the long story, but is there even a medical term for what happened? It has never happened before and all I can think of is that stupid drink. How can I have said "no I want to say home" in a full formed sentence so clear that my mom thought I was awake, and not remember any of's like I got totally sloshed or something...but I don't drink. Plus I would NEVER in a million years say "no" to that when my dog could've died at the vet. (Thank god she came home or I never would forgive myself).

I have heard of people muttering in their sleep talking nonsense, but never heard of carrying on a coherent conversation with someone with no recollection of it. Scary....I have vowed to never drink one of those again because what if that had been a family member and not my dog? Scary! please help me rationalize this or anyone tell me if this has ever happened to them!
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I"m glad that everything worked out ok with your dog.

There's really no 100% way to know if the "relaxation" drink caused this or not.  I do have a good friend who quite often talks in his sleep (as well as walks, makes phone calls and has even cooked on the grill!).  His talking is not the typical "mumbling" - it is full, 100% clear, concise sentences.  There have been nights when I thought he was awake and we had an hour or more long conversation that he would remember NONE of in the morning - it turned out he had been sleep talking.  There are other times when he'll start out with the concise conversation and then all of a sudden just say something completely out of the blue and off the wall and that's when I realize that he is sleep talking.  It can defintely get very confusing sometimes!

It's possible that the stress and sleeplessness that you had been experiencing caused or at least added to this situation also.  You may have gone into such a deep sleep right off that your mind was only partially awakened when your mom talked to you and that's why it appeared that you were fully aware.

I do believe your choice to not have those drinks again is a good one - even though something says it's "natural", doesn't necessarily mean it's good for you.  this is especially true if you have any medical condition that you're being treated for or are on any medication.  Are you on any medication for your tourettes?  If so, DEFINITELY do not try these drinks again (or anything else) without checking with your doctor first to make sure it would be safe.  If you're finding that you're having trouble sleeping, also talk to your doctor - there may be something he/she can prescribe for those sleepless nights.

Try not to worry about this too much - it more than likely was a one time thing and will not happen again.  If, however, you experience this problem again, do not hesitate to check in with your doctor and have it looked into.

Best of luck and please give your doggie a belly rub for me!  I'm glad you're both ok.
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