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nose block

Hi everyone.
Every night when i go to sleep my nose blocks up and it wakes me up . Im so sick of it. its been happening all my life

Its crazy ! If I lie on my left side my nose clears and if I lie on my right side or lie on my back it blocks.I thought it was either my weight or my fitness level or my diet but ive tried everything and nothing seems to help.

Its like theres to much blood goig to the veins in my nose unless i lie on my left side .slowing the blood flow. you know like when you lie on your arm and the blood stops going to  your fingers. Except its like theres TOO much blood going to my nose swelling the lining and it blocking up. Nasal sprays work for a shot time .  But i hate using them too much . There has to be another way.
Breath strips dont work very weel either

I wonder is there an operation or something I could have done
Has anyone had the same problem i feel like a bit of a freak because i know no one  whith yhis problem

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First, have you been evaluated by an ENT to see if there are any structural abnormalities that could be contributing to the problem and merit surgery?

Have you tried using a sinus rinse? I benefit from using a neti pot a while before bedtime.
   You are not alone with this problem. My husbands nose does the same thing except it doesn't matter if he's on his side. As a result, he breaths through his mouth when he sleeps and snores a lot. I guess I blamed it on a bad head injury from his childhood, but we've never had it examined.
   It probably would be a good idea to have it checked by a specialist and see what they say. If the sinus sprays works temporarily, have you tried a longer lasting oral antihistemine?

Nasal blockage may be due to medical causes such as common cold, bacterial sinusitis, allergy, sensitivity to dust, smoke, pollution and other irritants or surgical causes like a deviated nasal septum, nasal polyps, blocked sinuses, and obstructed adenoids (adenoids).
Do you have any history of trauma in the past? One common reason for chronic nasal blockage is a deviated septum. It dose not respond to medication and requires a surgery called as septoplasty.
Since you are having a chronic nasal obstruction, you must get it evaluated by a specialist.
Take care

u r not alone. Even i suffer from occasional nose block and i feel it due to stress, emotional stress. On physical level, try to find any drug sensitivity becoz i suffered total nose blockage due to OPOX drug which discontinued. Try to sleep with someone who you really loves/likes, there is really no nose block that night.
I used to have the same problem. Especially if I slept on my right side as that would cause the right sinuses to clog up.

If I slept on my left and my left sinuses did clog up I could roll over to my right side and feel the drainage easily flowing to the right. But if I was on my right side and my right sinuses clogged up so I rolled to my left side, my right sinuses could barely drain to the left.

I have a slightly deviated septum. I'm not a fan of surgery. I'm a wusp. A real pansy.

I did have a period of some 18 months to 2 years where I had some really serious problems w/sinus infections. I was referred to an ENT who injected a corticosteroid in each nostril and WOW! IMMEDIATE RELIEF!  I COULD BREATHE! But w/in a couple of months, maybe less, I was back to the same problem, both sinuses clogged badly awake or asleep, upright or laying down. Back to the ENT, another pair of injections and a 10 day antibiotic. The relief wasn't as dramatic, it took a day or so. And in a couple of months the problem was back again. *sigh* Back to the ENT, another pair of injections and another 10 days of antibiotics. Took better than 10 days for full relief. And in a few months "it" was back again!!! But this time I mentioned the problem to my family doctor's NP and she said she had had the same problem time and time again UNTIL she was put on a full 30 day regimen of antibiotic. I don't remember which antibiotic it was but I haven't had a problem since!!!!

But mind you - the deviation of my septum is mild. You should have your nasal passages thoroughly examined by a good ENT for septum deviation, nasal polyps, etc. and then go from there.

Good luck!
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