Chest Pains and Smoking
by colton93, Mar 06, 2010
Hello, I am a 16 year old male. I have been smoking on and off since i was thirteen.  But even before i was smoking I would have chest pains in the center of my chest while exercising.  Now since I've started smoking, the pain just comes and  goes when i take deep breaths or get up fast.  It's not a severe pain, more like a discomfort. I have told my doctor about it, they did a stress test and everything. I had the chest pains but they didn't see anything wrong with my pulse.
If anyone could help me out that'd be great. I don't smoke much anymore, it's only socially when I go to parties and stuff.
I would appreciate the advice =)
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by kathyjo, Mar 06, 2010
I'm no doctor but I would suggest you see a pulmonary specialist and let him tell you that it's nothing. These doctors specialize in one field for a reason and ofter a regular MD might miss something that these highly trained doctors would be able to detect immediately.
Good luck, and try not to smoke, even in a social setting. You are much to young to have to worry about these things already : (
by Jade59, Mar 06, 2010
Yes, you really should see a specialist if you haven't already.  I agree 100% with Kathy Jo.  It could also be something called Costochondritis which is the inflammation of the cartilage and bones in the chest wall.  I've had this condition for about 5yrs since I took a bad fall on my chest.  Pain and the urge to raise my arms and crack my chest all the's uncomfortable.  Let me tell you what, though.  When I quit smoking all this pain and cracking went away entirely so I would like to urge you to stop smoking completely if not for anything else but to see if this feeling goes away.  

Colton, just smoking in a social setting at your age will grow into a full fledged addiction before you know it so please be smart hon and stop all together.  
by GANGJAMAN, Mar 11, 2010
Question *
i also get pains in the chest on the right side. i am 19 have been smokin every for around 3 years. i also find it hard to take deep breaths as the sharp pain occurs. any advice????
by kathyjo, Mar 11, 2010
you have got to quit...those pains are a warning sign so better listen to them! I sure wish I would have had those signs....40 years before I finally realized it : (
You are young, but if you see those older people drag around the oxygen tanks and you don't want to be like them, then quit.

Some interesting reading can be found at
Because you are young, look in the "motivation"'s an eye-opener.
Good luck!
by joe202073, Jun 20, 2012
I started smoking at a young age too. Now it causes me more problems than it's worth. A doctor told me to quit while I can prevent chest pains and asthma. Stop smoking while you can. And a Social Setting only prevents you from quitting.
by Coleman45, Jun 21, 2012
Quit now while you can, even without the chest pains. No sense in smoking if your only doing it casually. If your partying with your friends it's easier to smoke more, you just have to ignore the urge. I quit on December 1st and miss smoking the most when I've had a few drinks.
Good luck and keep posting for support, you can do it.