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DAY 50!!!
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DAY 50!!!

well day 50 has tracker shows day 49 b/c for some reason it doesn't count the first day...
can't say its been easy, and can't say I haven't borrowed the odd cigarette...I seem to need to do that, I can't be around a smoker without taking that filthy thing and putting it in my mouth. I know I shouldn't b/c it just makes it easier to justify the next time...but I do. this happens very infrequently as I don't go out much and I see very few smokers...I've had perhaps 10 cigarettes in 50 days and to ME thats a quit...working towards the zero!!!

I am also using nicorette gum, no longer on the patch...I chew abt 6 pieces of gum per day...I'm a chewer.
I continue to munch alot, try to do so on nuts and fruit, but I've still managed to gain 9 lbs and I sure don't need the extra lbs....when spring arrives I will try and do some walking and less munching..

I've smoked for nearly 50 yrs...I must quit, not that the damage isn't already done but I am very short of breath, I have COPD...and even a few puffs makes my lungs cease up and breathing becomes very labored.

I am sleeping better, I smell better, I am no longer chained to that filthy devil that would control every minute of my day....not to mention the money saved.
Heres to more smoke FREE days ahead. We MUST do this!!!!
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I am so happy to see this post, honey!  I am very worried about your breathing as you know.  This is going to be a *little* easier if we all stick together!  I've not be totally perfect either, but day 50 for me, as well.  I know you struggle badly; I do too, and it's because we are home alone all day and night with not much to do.  Those cigs are our 'friends' in the most disgusting way.  

Hang in there, Opus.  We will do this Together, my Friend, there is simply no more choice.  It's getting easier though, don't you think?  For me it is anyway.  I've been using the Musinex still...phlegm now only has light speckles in it rather than dense and dark...very scary to see that.  Part of it is the pot as you know.  It's here nearly ALL the time...but I'm working hard on that.

I think "My Cigarette, My Friend" from whyquit is in order... :)

My Cigarette, My Friend?"

by Joel Spitzer

    How do you feel about a friend who has to go everywhere with you? Not only does he tag along all the time, but since he is so offensive and vulgar, you become unwelcome when with him. He has a peculiar odor that sticks to you wherever you go. Others think both of you stink.

    He controls you totally. When he says jump, you jump. Sometimes in the middle of a blizzard or storm, he wants you to come to the store and pick him up. You would give your spouse hell if he or she did that to you all the time, but you can't argue with your friend. Sometimes, when you are out at a movie or play he says he wants you to go stand in the lobby with him and miss important scenes. Since he calls all the shots in your life, you go. Your friend doesn't like your choice of clothing either. Instead of politely telling you that you have lousy taste, he burns little holes in these items so you will want to throw them out. Sometimes, he tires of the furniture and gets rid of it too. Occasionally, he gets really nasty and decides the whole house must go.

    He gets pretty expensive to support. Not only is his knack of property destruction costly, but you must pay to keep him with you. In fact, he will cost you thousands of dollars over your lifetime. And you can count on one thing, he will never pay you a penny in return.

    Often at picnics you watch others playing vigorous activities and having lots of fun doing them. But your friend won't let you. He doesn't believe in physical activity. In his opinion, you are too old to have that kind of fun. So he kind of sits on your chest and makes it difficult for you to breathe. Now you don't want to go off and play with other people when you can't breathe, do you?

    Your friend does not believe in being healthy. He is really repulsed by the thought of you living a long and productive life. So every chance he gets he makes you sick. He helps you catch colds and flu. Not just by running out in the middle of the lousy weather to pick him up at the store. He is more creative than that. He carries thousands of poisons with him which he constantly blows in your face. When you inhale some of them, they wipe out cilia in your lungs which would have helped you prevent these diseases.

    But colds and flu are just his form of child's play. He especially likes diseases that slowly cripple you—like emphysema. He considers this disease great. Once he gets you to have this, you will give up all your other friends, family, career goals, activities—everything. You will just sit home and caress him, telling him what a great friend he is while you desperately gasp for air.

    But eventually your friend tires of you. He decides he no longer wishes to have your company. Instead of letting you go your separate ways, he decides to kill you. He has a wonderful arsenal of weapons behind him. In fact, he has been plotting your death since the day you met him. He picked all the top killers in society and did everything in his power to ensure you would get one of them. He overworked your heart and lungs. He clogged up the arteries to your heart, brain, and every other part of your body. In case you were too strong to succumb to this, he constantly exposed you to cancer causing agents. He knew he would get you sooner or later.

    Well, this is the story of your "friend," your cigarette. No real friend would do all this to you. Cigarettes are the worst possible enemies you ever had. They are expensive, addictive, socially unacceptable, and deadly. Consider all this and NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF!


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Oh that is soooo appropriate isn't it...our 'friend' indeed. thanks for sending that along...I hate the control these things do have on us...every word in that write up is bang on.
Yes Jade it is getting somewhat easier, it just comes along and hits me right between the eyes a few times a day...when I think I just MUST have a smoke...but if I can do something and get my mind OFF of that fixation than I am okay for another few hours..
yes it is the loneliness for sure however I do associate smoking with all social activities as well....for goodness sake even a phone conversation I find extremely hard without that blasted thing in my I avoid the phone too....urrrr.
I must get past that, for I do have business issues that need settling..with the estate and income tax...oh God help me thru this difficult time...pray for me.
your doing so well you and adgal are my inspiration!!!! congrats on your day 50!!!!!
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The PHONE, omgosh, isn't that the worst!!!  I smoked outside, so would take my phone outside no matter how cold it was, and wander around while I smoked.  

Adgal...because *I* am so easily influenced, I assume everyone else is too (lol), so please don't ruin your perfect quit or pay any attention to Opus and I's slip ups.  Originally I was on this forum with kathyjo...someone who has NEVER taken another puff and is 5½ yrs clean today.  As long as I stuck with her, I was good, but I am a member of the SA forum, and what got to me was reading "relapse is part of addiction"...I wish I Never, Ever read that, because for ME, it was like a license to fail...and I did.

I am no longer paying any attention to that sort of thinking....

1m 2w 5d 14:07 smoke-free, 504 cigs not smoked, $151.20 saved, 1d 18:00 life saved
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