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Does Nicorette gum help
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Does Nicorette gum help

Hi to all:

I have smoked for over 40 years, I have my days when I smoke a pack and others just a few cigarettes, I want to stop smoking I know how bad it is but I have tried so many times and failed. Does anyone know if Nicorette gum will help or is there something else? What is addictive in cigarettes the nicotine or the other things inside the cigarettes? Can anyone give me a tip to help me stop smoking?

I will tell you why I smoke. I am a very lonely person, no friends or family around. I live alone and it feels like the cigarettes keep me company and I know that is not true it is just an excuse. I understand it is an addiction which is controlled by the brain is this true? I would love to know if there are any natural products that will help me stop smoking.

It is important to mention that when I was pregnant with my son I did not smoke for 6 years but I gained so much weight that I was silly enough to start smoking again though they made me sick. I have been in the hospital for about 20 days I did not smoke or crave cigarettes. When I am somewhere were smoking is not allowed I am fine and don't even crave them. If I can stay away from cigarettes as mentioned then why can't I stay away from them for good? I am heavily exercising and try to keep my hands busy those two help me a lot but once my hands are free and without even thinking there I go again to the cigarettes.        

Please someone help me find answers to my questions and if possible something like Nicorette to stay away from smoking.

Thanks a lot to who ever can help me.
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Its best to quit cold turkey I believe. That way your body can detox all of the chemicals out. Once all the chemicals are gone it is doubtful you will crave them, unless you are around people who also smoke. If that is the case like mine will power is your best bet. Try eating gum or eating nuts.
I wish I was not so sick so as to to be able to quit cold turkey but I have two different primary cancers. I have a terrible depression from the chemo side effects I don't know if I can do it on my own and based only in will power. No one around me smokes I will give it an honest try. I do eat lots of nuts because of my cancer diet, I hate gum it makes me nauseous but if necessary I will try it.

Thank you for your reply.

Nicorette as well as the lozenges are both addicting....everyone I know that quit with nicorette still chew it and I'm talking years! A guy that I know from the gym told me that, as a smoker, he used to smoke a pack a day. He's been chewing for 4 years now and he uses the 2 mg, about 12 pieces a day, a total of 24 mg. I know that the brand I smoked was very low in tar & nicotine, so, if chewing 12 pieces a day, I would ingest more in nicorette then smoking.
Nicotine leaves your body in 3 days....3 did it before....try it again. The addiction is more of an emotional attachment, a best friend, and that's the most difficult aspect of the addiction. There is no NRT that will help you with it, all of it has got to come from your wanting to quit.
An excellent way to prepare is
Read the articles and try to find yourself in them all. Understanding your addiction can help you to quit and stay quit.
I hope that you will give CT another chance.
Good luck!
Using nicotine gum to quit smoking is going to make it marginally easier. But only MARGINALLY!!! You still have to really want to quit. You still have to be the one to not light up a cigarette. And then you have to face your demons a second time to give up the gum. I gave up smoking by using nicotine gum. That was November 28, 2006. Until 2 weeks ago I was still chewing the nicotine gum: between 20-30 pieces each day of 2 mg.

I've been not feeling all that great for a long time but the clincher was my hair. I have long, wavy, beautiful hair and get lots of compliments each week on my hair. But I've been noticing for about a year that I seem to be losing a lot of hair. I used to have thicker than normal hair. Hairdressers told me I had enough for 4 people. Now I have barely enough for me. I started researching causes of hair falling out and found it is a symptom of chewing nicotine gum. has a whole slew of symptoms people get from the gum and I had several of them, but the hair was my motivation. I immediately quit the gum and am now chewing regular gum until I get over the worst of it. It's getting easier every day, as it should be since the nicotine has been out of my system for more than a week now.

I wish I could say everything is okay with my hair already and that I can see it growing back, but the truth is, it seems to be falling out still. None of my research tells me if it will stop falling out or grow back, but it hasn't been that long and I'm hopeful. My breathing is a lot better--I couldn't sleep on my back because I felt like I was going to drown in my phlegm; I can sleep on my back again after about 10 days of quitting. So if that improved, maybe the hair problem will too.

I know most people who have posted to blogs on the subject of nicotine gum never come back to update with good or bad news. I will make an effort to check back in a few months. I know a good outcome from me or someone else who quit the gum can go a long way in encouraging others to quit.

Good luck everyone--we ALL can do this!
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