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Going to try Chantix
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Going to try Chantix

Anything I should know about Chantix?  I am starting mine in a couple days, just getting the xmas stress over with.  Going to go see family that doesn't smoke just to get away from it all.  Spots on my lungs found. Very scared.  Father died at 59 of lung cancer, brother only 18 mths older than me and he may not make it through another year they say.  I am 55 and headed for I don't know what.  I am trying to keep a positive attitude.  I have started walking and I give myself a pep talk while I walk.  Well, someone has to do it.  Mother and my husband both smoke so trying to get them to quit for all of our sakes.  Looking for excellent doctor in AZ. Anybody have one? Thanks for listening, Happy Holidays to all.
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Hi from NY and Merry Christmas
I used Chantix but I smoked through the first month of using it and only quit about 8 days into the second month. The first 2 weeks I smoked my pack a day and then began tapering off because I really didn't want one : ) After 6 weeks, I didn't want one at all. All you need to succeed is wanting to quit and you will.
With Chantix I didn't really have any side effects in the beginning but toward the 6th week I started to get a queasy stomach. That's why I stopped. It is advisable for you to take it the full 3 months though so if you have no side affects, then you should.
I am 52 and smoked for about 38 yrs. and this is/was my first quit. My husband quit years ago and that makes it easier for me. I can't imagine what its like to have other smokers in the house : (
I think you might need to ask them to take it outside so that you can have a fighting chance. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint and begin the pills.
I'm sorry to hear about your dad & brother but that doesn't have to become your fate. Read all of the data on and whenever you waver, read it again and again. We all have moment of weakness and posting to this forum helps a lot. People on here are so very helpful and supportive.
Hang in there and good luck : ) Keep us posted on your progress.
Kathy Jo

2m 2w 2d 13:00 smoke-free, 1,701 cigs not smoked, $408.24 saved, 5d 21:45 life saved
Thanks guys for your warm and honest posts. I am a heavy smoker in  my 40th year of life, and I need to hear all this. Part of me (the part that has been winning) has been both denying the realities of my smoking addiction, and avoiding taking action. I have bought several quit smoking hypnosis recordings, and you know what? I haven't even listened to the one I bought just the other day because I fear I will quit on it and that part of me that is still winning says don't listen to it because you will suffer if you quit. Anyway, I am suffering as it is. Maybe this devil I don't know is in fact not so bad as it used to be. The last time I seriously quit (7 days quit, 6 years ago) the depression and anxiety were torturous enough for me that I went "this isn't worth it. It is less painful to smoke". Anyway, good luck oldmama, I admire your tenacity of spirit and your courage in the face of what is tremendous fire. I just said a prayer to God for you, that you would be helped to quit, and not suffer in doing so.
I really feel for you Juntin and oldmama. Both my parents died from smoking related ilness and I smoked for 38 years also. You might need chantix and other aids also. I'm a very addictive type and chantix works for me. The only problem is that when I was in the hospital for surgery and they didn't give me any, I started again briefly. My doc told me to start again on chantix and it worked again. Give it a try. It's the best thing and only thing that has worked for me and I've tried them all.
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