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I have to quite smoking help
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I have to quite smoking help

I am currently on chantex starting my third pack i have to quite smoking after 31 yrs of doing it im having gastric bypass this Tuesday and I have to quite and I want to smoke more I need to hear some succes storys can someone relate?
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I quit after smoking for about 38 years and I was considered a hardcore smoker. I smoked through my pregnancies, my youngest will be 19 next month. I had thyroid surgery in 2000 and even with a drain in my neck, I smoked : (  I even stopped taking family vacations because I couldn't imagine how difficult it would be to have to "not smoke."
Fast forward.......I am :
3m 4d 15:32 smoke-free, 2,123 cigs not smoked.....
me, the hardcore smoker, without a smoke for over 3 months, WOW!
You can do it too! Make it your priority and if you really want that surgery, you need to be healthy and smoke free.
Good luck to you!
Kathy Jo
I am taking chantix I am 50 days today smoke free don't give up on how many days it takes you after that quit day to really quit.It will happen.It took my husband 3 weeks on chantix before he could truly give it up.Keep up the good work and good luck with your surgery.
Yes chantix really works for me and many others. The only problem is that one time I was in the hospital and stopped I started smoking again for a few days. Now I take 1 pill a day and no matter how long I have to take it or how expensive it is(1 pill is less that 1 pk.), I will continue. all the best
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