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Taking other prescription meds while on chantix?
Hello all :) I recently started taking chantix to help me kick the nasty habbit of smoking. Im on day four of chantix and now I have to take it twice aday instead of once. Also it has to be taken 12 after the first dose. Ok here is my problem. I also have to take thyroid medication, because I have no thyroid gland. I start my day off my taking my synthroid and cytomel(both are thyroid meds) at the same time(7am) on a empty stomach. I have to wait 3 hours after taking theese meds before I can take any other medications. Ok so I take my first dose of chantix at 10am. Then at 3 pm I have to take another dose of cytomel. My problem 12 hours after taking my first dose of chantix would be at 10 pm! My doc says not to take the chantix after 6om because it will cause insomnia. I learned that the hard way. I took it at 10pm tonight and I am wide awake now at almost one in the morning! I need help I really want to give the chantix time to work, but my other meds and sleep is very important to. Just wish smoking was not a part of my life.
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