Why does smoking make me feel drowsy, depressed, not in mood, tired, dizzy etc.....
by bosnianworrier, Sep 01, 2009
So after 7 months smoke free I smoked for last 2 weeks. I hate myself but I will quit.

However due to my anxiety I wander how does nicotine causes those symptoms above because I fear some neurological disorder. It was always like that. But when I don't smoke even for 1 day I feel normal.
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by teko, Sep 02, 2009
If the nicotine makes you feel so lousy, why did you go back to it? Im just curious, 7 months is a long time.
by kathyjo, Sep 03, 2009
Teko has a point there. If you feel better or more normal when you don't smoke, why would you want to smoke? You are creating more stress in your life by smoking. Reread what you wrote. You say "I hate myself." I know when I am feeling down on myself I always do something destructive. It used to be smoking but now I just put some sinfully delicious chocolate something in my mouth : ) It's good for that moment but I will have to pay for it later on.
Put those smokes down and move on. You slipped, it stinks but get over it and stop beating yourself up. You can do it!
by mr.lucky66, Sep 03, 2009
I've done that too after stopping for several months and felt the same way. I still miss smoking for the "comfort" it gave me but I don't miss those effects you described. I did this a few times and also felt very upset at myself as you did. Now it's been about 9 months and even though I'm not one of those who quit and after a month was fine, I keep pluggin' away. I have to play at a smoking establishment towmorrow night and I will take a chantix. It's a process...., I'm told
by bosnianworrier, Sep 04, 2009
I started because my wife filed for divorce. We have a toddler. It hurts when I imagine he will not grow up with both parents being together. It hurts that he won't have siblings.

I know smoking can't fix those problems and I feel like a failure.

So if I smoked for 3 weeks, how bad withdrawal symptoms will be? Will they be less that when I quit 7 months ago after smoking for 6 years?
by kathyjo, Sep 04, 2009
I'm sorry for your pain : (

Read the following from Joel Spitzer at

I Have to Smoke Because of All My Stress!

Stress is considered a cause for smoking by many people.  Actually, smoking is a cause of stress.  Recent correspondence dealt with reasons people give for going back to smoking: social situations, parties, alcohol consumption and stress.  This month I wish to amplify on stress.

In January of 1979, Chicago and vicinity was devastated by a major blizzard.  Heavy snows fell just after the New Year crippling the area.  Additional snowfall continued throughout the week.  During this time period I was barraged with phone calls from participants of the November, 1978 clinic claiming to be terribly nervous, upset and anxious from "not smoking."  Curiously, most of them were feeling well during the month of December.  They had occasional urges which lasted only seconds and were quite easy to overcome.  What they were experiencing in January was different.  Many felt that they were on the verge of cracking up.  To them life was "just no good" without their cigarettes.  Was the anxiety they were now experiencing really a side effect from giving up smoking?

To any outside observer the answer to the mysterious intensification of perceived withdrawal was obvious.  In fact, if our ex-smokers listened to radio or television or read the front page of any newspaper, they would have encountered a story on cabin fever.  By simply comparing their symptoms with those accompanying cabin fever they would understand what was happening.

Attributing the anxiety to smoking cessation was transference of blame.  In fact, they were having a normal reaction to an abnormal situation - confinement due to the blizzard.  They would have had the same anxiety whether or not they had given up cigarettes.

The above story illustrates an atypical time period in which numerous people experience similar complaints.  In everyday life inherent problems exist.  Work, family, friends, and money can all contribute to daily distress.  Ex-smokers often think that if they just take a cigarette during a stressful episode the situation will be solved.  For example, consider a person who finds he has a flat tire in a parking lot during a freezing rain.  When encountering this kind of misfortune, the ex-smoker's first reaction often is, "I need a cigarette."  What will actually solve this problem is changing the tire, and driving off in a warm car.  What would a cigarette do to help this situation?  It only makes the person see the flat tire longer and freeze more.  This adds up to greater frustration. The first puff will probably reinforce the addiction to cigarettes which is a much greater crisis than the flat tire ever was.  In fact, taking the first puff almost always results in a bigger problem than the crisis that "caused" them to take the puff.  Even in a real catastrophe, such as a death in the family, injuries, illnesses, flooding resulting in major property loss, bankruptcy and so on, a cigarette will not solve the problem.  It will just add another major problem to the originally bad situation.

Remember, smoking cannot solve problems of daily living.  No matter what the problem, there is a more effective way of solving it than smoking.   In fact, a smoker's health risks are a real problem that can only be solved if they - NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF!


As for your relapse, every quit is different so you will just have to put them down and let us know how it is.
Good luck to you!
by teko, Sep 04, 2009
Well, I certainly feel your pain, been there and done that. no judgement here. However, each quit is different and the difficulty level is too. Like you, I slipped after several months. It has now taken me almost a year to rid the fear of doing it again! I dont want to quit, I love it. I know I have no choice. I am 3 days 14 and a half hrs into it. It has been tougher on me this time than any other but am doing it. Whyquit keeps me on target and helps with the focus cause the minute we forget we fail.
by brendmer134, Sep 04, 2009
My Husband was diagnosis with Lung Cancer on Christmas Day he was rush to the hospital.
He had Part of the Lung removed and is now in remission.
I have been working two jobs to pay for medical bills.  I came home today to find him smoking.
I am sick myself and they think I have cancer. I am very upset. I feel if you go thought something like this you would learn your lesson and stop.
I don’t care what it makes you feel. Others have stopped smoking. We all have it in us to stop.
If you all want to die that’s  up to you, don’t pass the cancer off to someone else you live with.  My Husband is committing suicide. Why let something control you like this. I breathe this in every day. I meant my husband when I was 14 Years old.
He did not know the consequences when he smoked years ago. He does not care how it’s hurting me.
I was supposed to get the surgery in Oct,of 2008 but gave all my attention to my husband and took care of him. I am now sick and I felt it’s time to take care of me. I did not want to get the surgery in the past because of him smoking.  I didn’t want to come home with smoke in the house.
Cigarettes, a big money making business in this country. It’s giving the Doctors business and the pharmacies. I know that the doctors don’t want to see people die of cancer and they are doing everything they can to help.
We need to stop the sale of cigarettes now. The people in the country have a war right here and that’s with the sale of cigarettes.
I love my Husband and its sad to see him like this helpless and depressed that’s what cigarettes do to you.  Please keep us in your prayers.
by teko, Sep 04, 2009
My heart so goes out to you and your husband. Please know that my prayers are with you. Addiction is a selfish and cruel disease is it not?  Direct your husband to  If that does not get him off, nothing will but the grace of God! Please keep us posted as to your and your husbands progress? You are not alone, now or never, we will be here on these forums anytime you need us. Hugs...