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can't handle the smell
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can't handle the smell

I feel like a hypocrite. I have been smoke free for 63-days. Most my friends are smokers, I can no longer stand the smell of the smoke on them, thier breath and in thier cars. Sounds awful of me i know. It never bothered me when I smoked, cause i was use to the smell. Now when I "Hang with them" I gag can't stand it. I enjoy the company of my smoker friends, so tell me how can I still hang with them and stomach the smoke smell on them, or will I once again get use to the smell?
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First and foremost, Congrats on you quit! It's amazing how our smell gets keener and yes, how we don't smell like smoke anymore!
The bad things is everyone else that smokes smells so bad! I'm past the "hanging" stage but there were functions that I didn't go to because I knew that smoking was permitted. Today, 2 years later, I still can't stand the smell or the smell of those smoking friends, but I have become more tolerant.
I live in a state that doesn't allow smoking anywhere indoors. As for cars....yes, I know that feeling. I smoked in my car and it was revolting to me to have to drive in it after the quit. Thankfully, after having the car thoroughly cleaned, upholstery and all, it is better. I use my car always....I'm always driving and of course, no smoking allowed in my car. If we are going far, I will let them get out and have their smoke and complain that they smell like cr@p when they get back in ; )
I did find that part of the reason that I was so disgusted with the smell is that it sometimes made me want it again. My smoking friends are very careful around me though and respect my quit.

Good luck to you and hopefully it will get better.
Hello again!  So glad you found this forum!  Man, I am with you...I can't stand the smell of smoke.  It was slightly okay when *I* was smoking but boy, when I'm not, it's just rancid!  I smoked menthol and I swear, they do not smell as bad as regular cigarettes.  I am fortunate not to have a single friend who smokes and only one niece on my husbands side who took up smoking a few years ago.  She smokes Marlboro (regular) and can't tolerate her in my tiny little house after she's smoked unless all the windows are open, otherwise the house just reeks!   My young neighbor next door smokes those clove cigs and if the smoke happens to blow into my house, it's an instant headache...those things are the worst!

I'm afraid I don't have any good advice as to how you will get used to this smell and hang with your friends at the same time.  Just wanted you to know I am always on this forum and here for you should you need support with your quit.  

I guess the obvious answer if you want to continue to hang with your friends is just to grin and bear it :(
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I am afraid you will either start smoking again or get different friends. Sorry, but if you are like me, the odor is intolerable, ew gagging intolerable. I find myself avoiding smokers whereever they are. I know, I feel guilty too, especially when I used to get offended at people like me! lol
I can so relate...its only been five days and today i had to hold my breath in an elevator...someone had just smoked and then used it...the whole thing smelled nasty. thank gods it was only one floor i had to hold my breath for.

There's pretty much only one friend in my life who smokes and she just started Chantix last week, so she probably wont smell bad the next time i'm with her.

If these are your friends, real friends, you can share your feelings with them...maybe get a little spray bottle of frebreeze and spritz it when they get back in the car, etc.

good luck
I think just use a perfume if you smell a cigarette. I think your friends will understand your situation of saying no to cigarettes, or there's another option if you don't want to smell like cigarette, just get out of that place where you can smell it, like when you're in a car, just get out of the car.
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