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I won!
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I wanted to start this group to keep in touch with others and to help or get tips from others about SSDI since there isn't a forum for it. Where are you in the filing process? What have you learned or need to know so we can help each other through the long treacherous process.

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I won!

after all this time I finally won my SSDI case...luckily I had a local attorney =)

It's been such a long journey and I'm mentally/emotionally exhausted from fighting but now I can pay my medical bills and get help with my ICD leads.

one tip I learned - it's all in the details; even if you dont think it's important, it may be
it's not what's wrong with you that counts as much as how those disabilities affect each aspect of your daily life
Good For You!!!!! Yea!!! I know how difficult it is cause I'm going through it myself. My very important interview was help on the phone, and I haven't heard a thing since then!!:( Can I ask you a very personal Q.?? It's not because I want to know about you, it's because I want to know about me.
How much do you get every month? And are you old enough to get ssi also?? I doubt it cause you are called mom od four! Happy for you, curious about me too! Thank you!
sorry I havent responded; had a verry difficult 3 weeks that I pretty much stayed in bed

SSI is for and  families who have limited income  (Supplemental Security Income) and husband has a pretty good job that thankfully pays for all of our basic needs so I don't qualify.

I worked Part time for so many years or didnt work for a bit after each of my children were born so my month benefit is only $700 and my younger children's benefits will be half of that or $350 monthly.

I think SSDI (disability) caps out at $2,000 monthly or something like that.
You can sign up at and find out what your benefits would be if you become disabled before the age of 65. (sign up and then log in to see your statements or look at one of the ones they've sent in the past.

hope you get good news soon also
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