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Third time applying for SSDI...Encourage me...please?
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I wanted to start this group to keep in touch with others and to help or get tips from others about SSDI since there isn't a forum for it. Where are you in the filing process? What have you learned or need to know so we can help each other through the long treacherous process.

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Third time applying for SSDI...Encourage me...please?

Hello other frustrated members!  This is a bit lengthy, as I am posting many of my mediacl problems. 95% of these are documented by they have said...
Since 2008, I have been applying for SSD due to MANY physical AND emotional disabilities (beginning of my health concerns in 1993). My 1st round...denied...didn't bother fighting it. 2nd application...denied...went to a lawyer who gave me VERY poor advice..."drop the hearing...they'll just deny you again". WOW That was in 2009.  Applied again in April of 2011...armed with more evidence this time. The most frustrating issues involve uncoopertive doctors.
Below is a "short list" of my medical history...Can ANYONE say if these are NOT enough??

1)   Rheumatoid Arthritis
2)   Osteo Arthritis
3)   Fibromyalgia
4)   Chronic fatigue Syndrome
5)   Sjogrens
6)   Asbestosis (doctors ignore my concerns)
7)   Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
8)   Major Depressive Disorder
9)   Anxiety
10) Social Phobia (agoraphobia)
11) Parotid Gland Disease
12) Diverticulosis
13) Prolapsed Pelvic Organs
14) Urinary Combination Incontinence
15) Severe Insomnia
16) Chronic PAIN
17) Possible Mercury Poisening ( 13 Rho Gam injections from 1978 to 1984)
18) Degenerative Disc and Joint Disease in Cervical Spine
19) Herniated Discs in Cervical Spine with slight narrowing
I think this enough to list...although there is more...but perhaps with this, someone could encourage me and give me some hope!  I am 51 years old and, ABSOLUTELY, NO MONEY as of today.  Can anyone give me ideas where I can get a little help to pay my bills? I am SO AFRAID of losing quality of life and my ability to cope with everyday living is already gone...I just need to survive.
Thank you for ANY advice you can offer.
Sincerely,  Weffette
Welcome, sorry you're having such a rough time.  I think they make it their jobs to do everything they can for people who are disabled give up.

Finally after 2 years of fighting SSA I found a good attorney who is willing to fight for me and gave me a lot of great advice and tips on dealing with things and even told me get yourself to a psych dr dealing with all your health issues.

SSA doesn't look at the conditions as much as how much they disable you on a daily basis.  So if you haven't you should write down symptoms of each condition you have and daily write down how they hinder your life and keep a log of them.

don't give up; you worked for those benefits and it may take some time but keep searching for someone to help you.  I know Binder & Binder and Allsup are disability advocates and supposed to do great work but I went with a local attorney since I have a difficult case and needed someone who knew disability law.

hang in there and keep us posted =)
I honestly believe it depends on where you apply, I received ssdi the very first time i applied for it, I developed asthma about 4 yrs ago, I have been hospitalized 26 times the last 3 and a half years, I still have a few doctors say it's not to bad, but being hospitalized that many times is scary as hell, I stopped working a few years ago, so they only backdated it from 2010...I applied in took about 5 months for it to get approved..
I have degenerative disc disease throughout my entire spine, multiple disc herniations in all 3 spinal segments, right leg hemiparesis from unknown cause, spasticity, ankle clonus, major depressive disorder/anxiety. I regularly stumble, "wall walk", and use a cane. The rx I take cause blurred vision, insomnia, fatigue. I can't drive, and I can't take public transport because I can't walk to/from the station. I have an acquaintance who lost his ring finger in a work related injury who was accepted for SSDI on the first try so I figured with my medical problems I'd have no problem...EHHHH WRONG!!!! I was denied! I was told that I would be considered disabled only if I could no longer perform ANY type of work and since I had use of my hands I could still work. I can't understand how one finger being amputated (he can still drive, shop, work on his house, etc) qualifies as disabled while me (in pain, unable to get around, med side affects, etc), I was told that I could still perform a sedentary job with my hands. What the H--L?! My acquaintance could deliver mail, do construction, drive a bus, work in a grocery for pete's sake! Not that I want to take away his benefits, I just can't understand why I was denied. I'm appealing with the help of a lawyer and hoping i'll win. My lawyer told me she wished people would go to her BEFORE applying the first time because SS reads what they want to into the info/answers supplied on the application and will twist it to their benefit. For instance, they ask about your previous jobs. She said they don't care about the job description you provide, they only take the title. So if your company gives you a title that doesn't truly match what you actually do, make up a title that DOES match what you do. If you list the "company's title" on your SS app you're screwed! They'll consider you to have a higher education/job qualification because their file of job descriptions for that title says so regardless of what you say. Hope this info helps others. Get yourself a good lawyer, some will work for a percentage of your  retro benefits so you don't have to come up money.
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